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They haven’t seen St Paul’s Cathedral _____________________.

A. Yet
B. Jet
C. Ever
D. Never

May I … your book until tomorrow?

  1. lend
  2. borrow

Tecaher : “… to collect the postcard!”

Student : “All right.”

a. Don’t

b. Forget

c. Don’t forget

d. Excuse me

It is ___ to be at Ruth’s house.
a. go
b. going
c. gonna

A flock of small birds flew above us
      A.     Adjective
      B.     Adverb

I could use the catalog ___ .
a. myself
b. yourself
c. himself

Bandung is my favorite city. It is the capital city of West Java. I can buy anything in Bandung. Delicious food, nice clothes and shoes are available here.

I always visit Cibaduyut anytime I go to Bandung. I always buy shoes there. If I feel hungry, I always go to Sukajadi to buy a delicious food such as surabi.

Bandung is also well known as Factory Outlet city. We can get great clothes with low prices there.

The word “it” in the first paragraph refers to ….

A. Bandung
B. West Java
C. Factory Outlet
D. Restaurant

A train speeds past a pole in 15 seconds and a platform 100 m long in 25 seconds. Its length is:
A. 50 m
B. 150 m
C. 200 m
D. Data inadequate

They are not cooking, …?

A. aren’t they?

B. are they?

C. they are?

D. they aren’t?

Which is correct?

A. We sent him a fax yesterday.
B. We have sent him a fax yesterday.

If they have ___ Cuban cigars, please buy one for me.
… a.some
… b.any

· ·

When I say that I get there at ten o’clock. I mean that at ten o’clock I ….
a. left there
b. arrived there
c. stayed there
d. waited there

SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT: Choose the right form of the verb.
The results of the election ____________ not available for two days.


Find the antonym of the underlined word-
Mr Davids is a nice man.
      A.     Miserable
      B.     Blithe
      C.     Gross
      D.     Sullen

The waste of the factory the river.

A. Pollutes
B. Dirties
C. Wastes
D. Extinct

That’s funny. There is ……….. in the house, but no one opens the door.

· a. anybody

· b.somebody

What is your father?

A. He is a farmer.

B. He is from Semarang.

C. He is in the office.

D. He is very well.

Lisa knew her date was exaggerating about his income.

Exaggerating means:

A. Being evasive
B. Not being completely honest
C. Going overboard
D. All the above

If she had told me, I ………. that Ferrari for her.

A. Would have bought
B. Will buy

My brother, sisters and I went to spend our holiday in Bali. Each of us should ride the car at least three hours. It was the last week of December 2008. We Left Solo on Saturday afternoon. We also didn’t forget to bring our camera. On Sunday morning we arrived in Gillimanuk. We dropped for one day at my uncle’s house. They had prepared breakfast when we arrived at his house. We had rice and “ayam betutu”; really it was very hot but delicious.

On Monday we went to Denpasar Firstly we visited “Sanur” Beach. As it was still early in the morning we could see the sunrise. We also prayed some moment on the sand then we looked for a hotel because we have no relative who stayed there.

On that day we also visited “Kuta” Beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana” and also “Sukawati” Market. We had our lunch on the way when we felt hungry. At night we also enjoyed “Barong” Dance. Something that we never forgot was taking pictures at any tourist resort.

One the last day we visited “Sangeh”. Where we could see many monkey. Many of them are still wild and they sometimes bite visitor, from here we went straight to “Bedugul” lake, we went around it by a small boat to see some temples at the other side. Unfortunately, it was raining so hard that we all so wet. We changed our clothes there because we could also buy clothes at the shop near the lake. Really it was so wonderful that I promise I want to visit Bali again next time.

When did the trip happen?
a. Last week
b. Last week of December 2009
c. Last week of august 2008
d. Last week of December 2008
e. Every week