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Latihan Soal MID Semester 1 Ganjil Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9


The expression of hope is …

A. I need a nice house

B. I would like to have a nice house

C. I wish I had a nice house

D. I like a nice house

Anzac Biscuits

You will need :

2 cups of rolled oats 1.5 cups of caster sugar 4 tablespoons of golden syrup 2 tablespoons of boiling water 1 cup of plain floor 250 grams of butter 1 teaspoon of baking soda

Steps :

turn on the oven to 160 C lightly grease the oven tray mix oats, flour and sugar in a large bowl melt butter and golden syrup in a pan mix baking soda and boiling water in a cup add this mixture to the melted butter and golden syrup add this to the oats mixture in the large bowl, mix together well roll a tablespoon of mixture into balls, put on the tray 5 cm apart press lightly on top of each with a fork bake for 20 minutes

what is the kind of the text above ?

A. report text

B. descriptive text

C. procedure text

D. narrative text

Satria … 23 next wednesday

A. will be

B. is

C. will

D. are

How to make a pencil case

steps :

choose the size you want. if you want to put longer items in , such as a ruler, you’ll need a longer pencilcase find a bag or box that is suitable with your choice of size. it doesn’t have to be nice looking, but strong and clean. cover the box with paper, any color. decorate the container, try some of the following ideas :

stick some nice stickers on it decorate with your own art using markers, draw lines, shapes, animals and people cut out some pictures from magazines and stick them on it. totally cover the box with wrapping paper glue somes shells, buttons, or anything else you want to decorate the pencil case with. add glitter if you like

5 show it to all of your friends, and feed proud of your unique pencil case.

from the text above, we can conclude that we have to be … in decorating the box to have a good result.

A. box

B. careful

C. risky

D. creative

… afraid. Those dogs won’t hurt you.

A. Be

B. Don’t be

C. To not be

D. Being

Sorry, I can’t help you with your homework. I … to a concert tonight.

A. am go

B. am going to go

C. will go

D. goes

A : It is the worst football match we’ve ever seen.

B : … ( disagree )
A. I couldn’t agree less

B. I suppose so

C. I couldn’t agree more

D. I like it

The … student with … and … colored hair is tahi, my friend.

A. tall, heavy, white

B. smart, long, short

C. handsome, short, brown

D. beautiful, black, smart

The following sentence are expression of congratulaton, except …

A. I congratulate you on your success

B. nice work

C. I feel sorry for you

D. That’s great

A : It was a great celebration

B : … ( agree )
A. I couldn’t agree less

B. I couldn’t agree more

C. I couldn’t care less

D. I don’t think so


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