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Latihan Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9


I went to bed after I… the television.

A. switched

B. has switched

C. had switched

D. have switching

That was the first time I … a salsa in a night club.
A. had danced
B. had dance
C. danced
D. didn’t dance

When she ___________ (go) out to play, she __________________ (do) her homework.

A. had gone – went

B. went – had done

C. gone – had done

An elephant is … than a cat.

A. big

B. bigger

C. more bigger

D. the biggest

Snails are ……….. than horses.

A. slow

B. slower

C. slowest

This is the … book I have ever red.

A. interesting

B. more interesting

C. most interesting

When we finally found his house, everyone……. (already/leave) for a club in town.
A. had already left
B. had left
C. already had left
D. left

Shouq’s plants died because….

A. she had lost her doll.

B. she had left her purse at home.

C. he had spent all his money.

D. she hadn’t watered them.

My brother ________________ (eat) all of the cake that our mom _________________ (make)

A. eaten – made

B. had eaten – made

C. ate – had made

He has the … house among all his friends.

A. big

B. bigger

C. biggest


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