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Pengayaan Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4

Latihan 19 soal pilihan ganda Pengayaan Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4 dan kunci jawaban.

This room is dark. Please to …

A. Turn off the lamp

B. Turn on the lamp

C. Turn off the fan

D. Turn on the fan


A : can you help me to … ? it is very hot today

B : Sure.
A. Open the door

B. Open the window

C. Close the door

D. Close the window


Arrange the words !

Should – save – energy – We – the
A. save the energy We should

B. We save the energy should

C. We should save the energy

D. the energy save should We


Mother : Can you help me to … ? (menyiram bunga)

Gina : Alright
A. watering the tree

B. planting the flower

C. watering the flower

D. picking the flower


Choose the correct sentence !

A. We should not waste the water

B. We should waste the water

C. We should take a long shower

D. We should open the tap


K : Does he help his father to wash a motorcycle ?

L : …
A. Yes, she is

B. Yes, he is

C. Yes, she does

D. Yes, he does


After take a bath don’t forget to … (mematikan kran air)

A. Turn on the water

B. Turn off the water

C. Turn on the tap

D. Turn off the tap


X : May I borrow your ruler ?

Y : … , Here you are
A. Sure

B. Sorry

C. I can’t

D. No, thanks


Please … , if you want to leave the classroom

A. Turn off the lamp

B. Turn on the lamp

C. Open the door

D. Open the window


We can use … for alternative energy !

A. Solar cell

B. Coal

C. Diesel

D. Oil


Arrange the words !

after – cooking – the stove – tur off
A. Turn off after cooking the stove

B. after cooking the stove turn off

C. the stove after cooking turn off

D. Turn off the stove after cooking


P : Don’t forget to … if you sleep.

Q : Okey
A. Turn off the TV

B. Turn on the TV

C. Turn off the tap

D. Turn on the tap


We must … , if you can leave the room

A. Turn off the fan

B. Turn on the fan

C. Turn off the tap

D. Turn on the tap


X : Can you … me to close the door ?

Y : Sure
A. here

B. drink

C. help

D. should


X : May I borrow your pencil ?

Y : … , I just bring one
A. Okey

B. Sure

C. Sorry

D. Alright


… is the main source of energy. (matahari)

A. Sun

B. Star

C. Moon

D. Light


A : Should we take a long time in shower ?

B : …
A. Yes, it is

B. Yes, we should

C. No, We should not

D. No, it is not


A : Can I have the candy, please ?

B : Sure

A : …

B : You are welcome

A. sorry

B. Alright

C. thank you

D. I can’t


Arrange the word !

save – the – Let’s – energy
A. save energy the Let’s !

B. Let’s save the energy !

C. Let’s the energy save !

D. the energy Let’s save !