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Pengayaan Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4

Latihan soal pilihan ganda Pengayaan Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4 dan kunci jawaban.

A : Can I have the candy, please ?

B : Sure

A : …

B : You are welcome

A. sorry

B. Alright

C. thank you

D. I can’t


X : May I borrow your pencil ?

Y : … , I just bring one
A. Okey

B. Sure

C. Sorry

D. Alright


After take a bath don’t forget to … (mematikan kran air)

A. Turn on the water

B. Turn off the water

C. Turn on the tap

D. Turn off the tap


Arrange the words !

Should – save – energy – We – the
A. save the energy We should

B. We save the energy should

C. We should save the energy

D. the energy save should We


X : Can you … me to close the door ?

Y : Sure
A. here

B. drink

C. help

D. should


X : May I borrow your ruler ?

Y : … , Here you are
A. Sure

B. Sorry

C. I can’t

D. No, thanks


Choose the correct sentence !

A. We should not waste the water

B. We should waste the water

C. We should take a long shower

D. We should open the tap


P : Don’t forget to … if you sleep.

Q : Okey
A. Turn off the TV

B. Turn on the TV

C. Turn off the tap

D. Turn on the tap


We can use … for alternative energy !

A. Solar cell

B. Coal

C. Diesel

D. Oil


We must … , if you can leave the room

A. Turn off the fan

B. Turn on the fan

C. Turn off the tap

D. Turn on the tap


Arrange the word !

save – the – Let’s – energy
A. save energy the Let’s !

B. Let’s save the energy !

C. Let’s the energy save !

D. the energy Let’s save !


A : can you help me to … ? it is very hot today

B : Sure.
A. Open the door

B. Open the window

C. Close the door

D. Close the window


… is the main source of energy. (matahari)

A. Sun

B. Star

C. Moon

D. Light


K : Does he help his father to wash a motorcycle ?

L : …
A. Yes, she is

B. Yes, he is

C. Yes, she does

D. Yes, he does


A : Should we take a long time in shower ?

B : …
A. Yes, it is

B. Yes, we should

C. No, We should not

D. No, it is not


This room is dark. Please to …

A. Turn off the lamp

B. Turn on the lamp

C. Turn off the fan

D. Turn on the fan


Arrange the words !

after – cooking – the stove – tur off
A. Turn off after cooking the stove

B. after cooking the stove turn off

C. the stove after cooking turn off

D. Turn off the stove after cooking


Please … , if you want to leave the classroom

A. Turn off the lamp

B. Turn on the lamp

C. Open the door

D. Open the window


Mother : Can you help me to … ? (menyiram bunga)

Gina : Alright
A. watering the tree

B. planting the flower

C. watering the flower

D. picking the flower


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