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PTS 1 Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6

Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban PTS 1 Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6.

The athletes … with the college track team next month.

A. trains

B. trained

C. will train

D. have joined


We … Maket Rumah Betawi two days later

A. will be make

B. will making

C. will make

D. wont make


They will accompany me …

A. now

B. yesterday

C. next week

D. this morning


I will … to library tomorrow morning.

A. came

B. come

C. coming

D. be coming


What will I … in Australia?

A. buying

B. buy

C. to buy

D. bought


Juki : What is your plan for this weekend?

Mumun : I … my uncle

A. will have visited

B. have visited

C. visited

D. will visit


My father … work at company.

A. will

B. can

C. when

D. where


Manda : I … the students exchange programme next year.

Kiki : That’s good idea.

A. join

B. joined

C. will join

D. have join


Udin : … you come to my house … ?

Samin : Yes, I will

The correct answer are …

A. does, today

B. will, next week

C. do, in the morning

D. was, yesterday


Siti . . . watch Palang Pintu attraction at her brother’s wedding ceremony tomorrow.

A. will going to

B. is going to

C. are going to

D. am going to


Isa : The car won’t start, Mom. I think it’s broken.

Mrs. Didi : Don’t worry. The mechanic … it soon.

A. has fixed

B. will fix

C. fixed

D. have fixed


Maemunah : Could you tell your brother to meet me at the cafetaria tonight?

Udin : Sure, I … him

A. told

B. will tell

C. be telling him

D. tell


What will you use to sleep?

A. I will use pillow

B. I will use bolster

C. I will use umbrella

D. I will use blanket


What will you do first to draw Ondel-Ondel’s face?

I . . . draw a circle ….

A. will – second

B. will – first

C. will – third

D. will fourth


Dira : When will we … ice selendang mayang, mom?

Mother : Tomorrow afternoon, dear.

A. play

B. eat

C. cut

D. make


Fauzi will use a . . . to cut a paper.

A. scissor

B. paper

C. glue

D. pencil


Diding : Will you borrow my book?

Dika : No, …

A. I wont

B. I will

C. will

D. of course


My uncle and I will … to the Ondel-Ondel parade.

A. going

B. go to

C. go

D. goes


We will listen your new story here, …

A. tomorrow

B. yesterday

C. last year

D. in the morning


Mia : What is it?

Tia : It is … tradition

The correct answer is …

A. Martial art

B. Rebana

C. Read Rhyme

D. Palang pintu


Siti is hungry.

She . . . Nasi Uduk Betawi near her house.

A. will not

B. will drink

C. will buy

D. will go


Nita : What are you planning to do with all these sculpture?

Aminah : I … them in cultural fair next month.

A. to be exhibiting

B. to exhibit

C. will exhibit

D. be exhibiting


Will Rina and Rahma study math tonight?

Yes, ….

A. they are

B. they will

C. she is

D. she will


Hana is going … with my younger brother in Medan next time.

A. play

B. to play

C. playing

D. to plays


I … a doctor someday.

A. whose

B. will

C. where

D. when


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