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Latihan Soal PTS 1 Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6


I … a doctor someday.

A. whose

B. will

C. where

D. when

The athletes … with the college track team next month.

A. trains

B. trained

C. will train

D. have joined

Diding : Will you borrow my book?

Dika : No, …

A. I wont

B. I will

C. will

D. of course

Nita : What are you planning to do with all these sculpture?

Aminah : I … them in cultural fair next month.

A. to be exhibiting

B. to exhibit

C. will exhibit

D. be exhibiting

Siti is hungry.

She . . . Nasi Uduk Betawi near her house.

A. will not

B. will drink

C. will buy

D. will go

What will you do first to draw Ondel-Ondel’s face?

I . . . draw a circle ….

A. will – second

B. will – first

C. will – third

D. will fourth

Maemunah : Could you tell your brother to meet me at the cafetaria tonight?

Udin : Sure, I … him

A. told

B. will tell

C. be telling him

D. tell

Manda : I … the students exchange programme next year.

Kiki : That’s good idea.

A. join

B. joined

C. will join

D. have join

We will listen your new story here, …

A. tomorrow

B. yesterday

C. last year

D. in the morning

Joe is going to … with their competent worker in famous company.

A. work

B. works

C. working

D. worked


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