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Latihan Soal PTS 1 Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6


I . . . study English this afternoon

A. is

B. never

C. will

D. will be

What is Mamat going to do tonight?

He . . . going to . . . noodle for dinner.

A. is – cooks

B. is – cook

C. is – cooked

D. is – cooking

The athletes … with the college track team next month.

A. trains

B. trained

C. will train

D. have joined

We will listen your new story here, …

A. tomorrow

B. yesterday

C. last year

D. in the morning

Diding : Will you borrow my book?

Dika : No, …

A. I wont

B. I will

C. will

D. of course

My uncle and I will … to the Ondel-Ondel parade.

A. going

B. go to

C. go

D. goes

Will Rina and Rahma study math tonight?

Yes, ….

A. they are

B. they will

C. she is

D. she will

Manda : I … the students exchange programme next year.

Kiki : That’s good idea.

A. join

B. joined

C. will join

D. have join

My father … work at company.

A. will

B. can

C. when

D. where

A : The phone is ringing

B: I … take it

A. will

B. am going to

C. won’t

D. do


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