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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 Genap SD Kelas 2


is there a taxi ?

A. yes there is

B. no,there isn’t

C. no

Two days after Monday is … .

A. Sunday

B. Wednesday

C. Friday

D. Saturday

What food do you like?

I like…..
A. Meatball

B. Soup

C. Satay

This sign means we must …

A. turn left

B. turn right

C. stop

D. turn around

The students activity on Monday morning in the school is….

A. Breakfast

B. Flag ceremony

C. Doing experiment

this is a __________

A. truck

B. cart

C. pedicab

this is a ________

A. car

B. bus

C. pedicab

This sign means we must …

A. Turn left

B. Rotate

C. Park

D. Stop

Ruang kelas in English is…

A. library

B. classroom

C. canteen

Kanaya like the giraffe. The Indonesian sentences is …

A. Kanaya suka ular

B. Kanaya suka jerapah

C. Kanaya suka gajah


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