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Where did the writer and his friend go before they got home?

A. They went to Mount Bromo

B. They went to Mount Batok

C. They went to the zoo at Wonokromo

D. They took a rest and had lunch


The writer send the card because she/he wishes her/his friend …. .

A. happy

B. sad

C. glad

D. recovery


To : Mizka

Congratulations on your success in the singing contest.

You are the best.

We are proud of you.

Uncle Farel and Aunt Fitri

“we are proud of you.”

The underlined word refers to . . . .

A. Uncle Farel and Aunt Fitri

B. Uncle Farel

C. Aunt Fitri

D. Mizka


From the text we can conclude that …

A. Metha is having a baby

B. The baby is a girl

C. Joni and Jenni congratulate Metha

D. Metha hopes the baby will bring happiness


From the text, we know that . . . .

A. Aunt Desy follows Deni and his family moving to a new house.

B. Deni and his family have moved to a new house.

C. Deni feels happy in his house.

D. Aunt Desy is moving to a new house.


You ………….. drive on the right in the UK.

A. must

B. mustn’t

C. should

D. shouldn’t


Dave loves chocolate, but he …………………..too much or he will get fat.

A. shouldn’t eat

B. should eat not

C. should eat

D. should eat not


Who is Mrs. Hannah Griffin?

A. A student.

B. A teacher.

C. A ruler.

D. A passer-by.


Which expression is used to get attention?

A. Do you know what I am saying?

B. Excuse me, may I talk to you?

C. Oh my god, I think you are annoying.

D. With me so far?


Read The dialogue below!

Dayu : Congratulations on being the champion of the class, Lina!

I hope you will be the winner of the school’s competition,


Lina : Thanks, I hope so, too

Beni : I’m happy for you, Lina. Congratulations! I hope you win the

first prize in the school’s competition.

Lina : Thank you, Wish me luck!

What Does Dayu say to Congratulate Lina?

A. I’m happy for you

B. Congratulations on being the champion of the class, Lina

C. I hope you will be the winner of the school’s competition, too

D. Thank you, Wish me luck!


My family and I live in a big city. So when my uncle invited me to spend the holiday in his village I felt very excited.

I left the city by bus in the late afternoon and arrived at the village in the morning. My uncle took me to his house by his jeep. The location of his house is in the deep village near the forest. Finally, after a long journey I met my aunt and my cousin.

After taking a rest for a while, my cousin took me to the farm well to have a bath. I bathed in the open air for the first time. It was strange but fun. It was a hot day. I enjoyed the cold water very much. Then we went to the mango orchard. There I plucked mangoes with my own hands. After that we took lunch. It was a very simple meal of rice, fish, bean cake and vegetables but it was very delicious. In the afternoon, I and my cousin visited the farm. My uncle was watering the crops. I helped him by milking the cow. It was the first time in my life I do it so it was very awkward at first, but then my cousin taught me to do it. It was fun actually.

I spent the night in the village for fifteen days doing many exciting things with my cousin. When I returned home, many people came to see me off. I was very impressed by the simple living of the village people.

The text mostly talks about….

A. living in the village

B. the house of uncle’s writer

C. the simple living of the village people

D. the writer’s experience visiting a village


Paragraph three tells us about ….

A. Naura’s birthday party preparation

B. the celebration of Naura’s birtday party

C. Naura’s family effort in holding the birtday party

D. the collaboration of Naura’s family in preparing her party


This book is very expensive, you ________ look after it very carefully

A. don’t have to 

B. needn’t 

C. must 

D. mustn’t 


The function of recount text is…

A. to give information

B. to retell past experience

C. to tell a story


What do you think I _____ do?

A. should

B. must

C. need

D. have


Maybe you …………… stay up so late.

A. must

B. mustn’t

C. should

D. shouldn’t


Man : I would like to exercise more but I don’t know what to do.

Girl : Why don’t you join yoga club? it is interesting

man : …

what is the most appropriate response to reply next …

A. sounds good. yoga is popular nowadays

B. thank you very much for the advice

C. many people practice yoga,so do I

D. yoga is good for you


Dear Alya,

Wish you many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life.




What does Diah do for Alya’s birthday?

A. She wishes her many happy returns of the day.

B. She gives her prosperity.

C. She shares her health.

D. She returns her love.


Man : I can’t stop eating sweets

woman : You should stop eating sweets, it is not good for

your health,especially your teeth.

Man : you’re right. But how ?

Woman : well,it depends on your willing.

what does the woman suggest to the man ?

A. stop eating to much

B. not to eat too much sweets

C. go on diet

D. buy some sweets


The following dialog is for questions

Randy : Hi, where is Vika? You usually spend break time with her.

Sofia : Yes, but not this time

Randy : What do you mean?

Sofia : Several days ago we had different views about a matter. We had a debate because each of us insisted that we were right.

Randy : O,gosh!

Sofia : What I didn’t like is that she uploaded the matter on her social media. I wondered why she didn’t try to solve the problem together, instead of writing on social media.

When does the dialog take place?….

A. After school.

B. During the break

C. Before the class

D. When the bell rang.


Look at the greeting cards !

Which number shows the sender of the card?
A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4


Vacation to Indrayanti Beach

Last weekend, I and my family went to Indrayanti Beach to spend our holiday. We went there with our own car.

The route to Indrayanti Beach is very zigzagged and its very quiet in the middle of the night. I and my family almost got lost since we had never been there before, but eventually we got there safely. We nearly couldn’t get a room to stay overnight because it was a long weekend and it was not easy to find available rooms. We got up early in the morning so that we could enjoy the sunrise landscape by the beach. My brother was playing with white sand with my sister while I took their picture.

A day at Indrayati Beach felt so short, we were quite tired from playing for a whole day, but we were very happy.

how did the author feel about the trip?

A. he was quite tired but very disappointed

B. he was very tired and disappointed

C. he was very happy and tired

D. he was very happy and was not tired at all


You _________ exercise after a meal, or you’ll be ill

A. needn’t 

B. mustn’t 

C. don’t have to 

D. doesn’t have to 


My wonderful trip

Last week, my brother and I went to Tokyo for a vacation. I did the web surfing before having a trip there. I choose to take Tokyo public transportation since many people said that Tokyo had the best transportation called MRT (Mass Rapid Transport).

The MRT was known as a commuter underground, so a large number of people transferred to go to their work place every day. We took the MRT boarded at Chiba station. When the train moved, we felt like we were in a jet. It was remarkably fast because the route was underground. We could see nothing except the darkness on both sides.

In the commuter, people were not allowed to bring any food and beverages. The regulation was aimed to keep the cleanliness of the commuter’s area. We amazed by how people obeyed the provided rule, although there was no penalty mentioned in the regulation.

On the arrival at Ariake station, we walked down around the station. Our ride was really comfortable and nice. I dreamt of living here with my family. It was really great and comfortable trip.

what did the author do before their trip to Tokyo?

A. they prepared the snacks

B. they did the web surfing

C. they took a plane

D. they walked down the street


The lyrics are written for people who ….

A. have strong will to reach their dream

B. feel hopeless to face life

C. have a faith to hold the world

D. feel useless to get a dream


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