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Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 Genap SD Kelas 5

Latihan 21 soal pilihan ganda Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 Genap SD Kelas 5 dan kunci jawaban.

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Jihan is a chef. She works in a ….

A. restaurant

B. library

C. factory

D. shop


The woman works on an aeroplane.

She serves the passengers. She is a ….
A. stewardess

B. carpenter

C. nurse

D. teacher


Miss Amel is a …. She serves the passengers.

A. Designer

B. Pilot

C. Stewardess

D. Secretary


The woman makes some clothes. She is a/an ….

A. dentist

B. oculist

C. plumber

D. tailor


…. works at the rice field.

A. Farmer

B. Secretary

C. Sailor

D. Manager


My uncle makes a table from wood. He is a ….

A. carpenter

B. farmer

C. postman

D. barber


The word “barber” in Indonesian is ….

A. Guru

B. Nelayan

C. Tukang cukur

D. Tukang kayu


My grandfather cultivates his rice field every morning. He is a ….

A. Carpenter

B. Farmer

C. Driver

D. Barber


My father makes kinds of furniture. He is a ….

A. carpenter

B. barber

C. bricklayer

D. gardener


My sister is a chef. What does she do?

A. She catches fish.

B. She cares for patients

C. She cuts hair.

D. She cooks in a restaurant.