Latihan Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8


What is the meaning of “Attention” in Bahasa Indonesia?

A. Perdamaian

B. Perlakuan

C. Hukuman

D. Perhatian

Ani : ………..

Ida : I think it’s great
A. Have you read this book?

B. What do you think of this book?

C. Do you know this?

D. What is it?

E. Do you have any idea?

Carl: Do you have any ___ for naming my dance? Haha

You: I’m so sorry Carl but I don’t know about this one.
A. Shoes

B. Idea

C. Children

D. rules

E. evidence

I just want to stay at home. I don’t want to go out because ………..

A. it is raining

B. it is beautiful inside

C. the sun is shining nicely

D. the flowers are blossoming

I … dinner when my phone rang.

A. were having

B. are having

C. was having

Listen! May is ………….… dinner in the kitchen.

A. putting

B. looking

C. cleaning

D. preparing

Although she is not in a good condition …………..… right now

A. she is having a rest

B. she is lying on her bed

C. she is driving to the office

D. she is taking some medicine

Ungkapan yang tepat untuk merespon pujian yaitu …

A. You’re kind of

B. Hehehe…

C. Wkwkwk!

D. It’s very kind of you to say that

complete the dialog using correct expression.

A. Can you help me, please?

B. Excuse me.

C. Are you with me?

D. Look, what I’ve got here.

Wow! You’re great at cooking!

Ungkapan di atas merupakan ekspresi memuji tentang…
A. Looks

B. Ability

C. Possessions

D. Knowledge

Alex : what are your views on social media?

Bimo : ……. social media can cause addiction.
A. I’m not in line

B. as far as I feel

C. I agree

D. From my point of view

E. I dissagree with that

This TV show is boring me. What time … ?

A. is ending

B. is it end

C. is going to end

Andy : What do you think about the restaurant?

Budy : The price is too expensive

From the dialogue above we can conclude that ….

A. Budy is expressing pleasure

B. Andy is expressing pleasure

C. Budy is expressing displeasure

D. Andy is expressing displeasure

E. Budy is expressing opinion

Arrange the jumbled dialog into a correct order.

A. 1-3-2-4-5

B. 5-1-3-2-4

C. 5-2-3-4-1

D. 5-2-3-1-4

Complete the dialog using correct expression

A. Alright.

B. No, you can’t.

C. I don’t believe it.

D. Are you kidding?

The clown is very interesting. All the children …………… happily

A. is crying

B. are crying

C. are laughing

D. is complaining

Gibran : Look! My father gave me a new shoe.

Mina : Wow! That’s beautiful

Gibran : . . . . . . .

A. It’s worst

B. Thanks

C. Sorry

D. I don’t care

The boys are practicing soccer on the field right now ……..… they are preparing themselves for tomorrow’s match.

A. although

B. because

C. but

D. and

Manakah ungkapan yang bisa digunakan untuk memberi pujian?

A. Good day!

B. Good morning!

C. Good job!

D. Good bye!

Think of a suitable negative response to the requests and requests for permission.

Can I have some more apple juice? I am still thirsty.

A. I am very sorry. It was the last glass of apple juice we had.

B. I am very sorry I can’t do it. My hands still hurts.

C. yes, of course.

Please Fill the dialog below using asking attention expressions!

Teacher: ______________, look at this board.

Students: Yes ma’am

A. How are you?

B. May I have your attention please?

C. Don’t forget to do your homework

D. I see

Ada : We will have a long holiday in the next semester,

What are you going to do?

Ida : ….

Ada : I do hope you have a nice trip.

A. I don’t know

B. the holiday will be boring

C. I am thinking of going to the beach

These are asking for attention’s expression, except …

A. Hello

B. I suggest you to

C. Are you ready to study?

D. Attention, please

complete the dialog using correct expression.

A. Attention, please.

B. I wonder if I could trouble you.

C. I’m sorry if I must leave your class.

D. Look here.

Eric : I think our city is very hot at the moment.

Eve : I don’t think so …. Our city is much cooler than other cities in this country.
A. I am thinking of

B. You forget it

C. in my opinion

D. I know it

E. exactly


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