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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 Genap SD Kelas 5


Nila’s father finds fish in the sea. He is a…..

A. fireman

B. fisherman

C. barber man

D. sailor

150 in English is….

A. one hundred

B. one hundred and fifty

C. one hundred and five hundred

D. fifteen hundred

Fendi ingin menjadi seorang pemusik.

Pemusik in English is…
A. football player

B. musician

C. farmer

D. bricklayer

The shoes cost….

A. one hundred thousand rupiahs

B. one hundred and twenty thousand rupiahs

C. one hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs

D. one thousand rupiahs

This place is a shopping center.

This place sells vegetables.

This place is….

A. grocery

B. fishmonger

C. greengrocer

D. butcher

Mr. Lukman works in a post office. He delivers the letters. He is a….

A. postman

B. policeman

C. barber man

D. fireman

387 is…..

A. three hundred eighty seven

B. three thousand eighty seven

C. three hundred eight seven

D. three hundred seventy eight

Seventeen multiplied by four is…

A. 68

B. 67

C. 66

D. 65

Fendi wins the running race. He is….

A. the first

B. the second

C. the third

D. the fourth

Mr. Rahmat teaches the students. He is a…

A. teacher

B. headmaster

C. bricklayer

D. carpenter


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