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Latihan Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5


Omar and his friends like _____________.
A.     playing toys
B.     playing video games
C.     playing football

which word is correct
A.     three
B.     thiree

these body parts can be blue, brown, or green.
A.     Teeth
B.     Fingers
C.     Eyes
D.     Toes

What are they doing?
    They are ….
A.     dancing
B.     playing football
C.     gardening
D.     singing

This body part helps you smell.

A. Nose

B. Mouth

C. Belly

D. Eyes

Most people have many of these in their mouth. They are usually white and used to chew food.

A. Tongue

B. Lips

C. Teeth

D. Cheeks

What does she do?
    She’s a ….
A.     doctor
B.     nurse
C.     teacher
D.     secretary

What does he do?
    He is ….
A.     fire fighter
B.     police officer
C.     mechanic
D.     soldier

B.     HORSE
C.     DOG
D.     CAT

We can walk with it. What is that?

(Kita bisa berjalan dengan ini. Apakah itu?)
A. Stomach

B. Neck

C. Foot


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