Latihan Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5


He is a carpenter.
A. He makes stuff from the wood
B. He delivers letters and packages
C. He repairs motor machine
D. He works in the ricefield.

Someone who takes care the school building is a . . . . .
A. janitor
B. school guard
C. headmaster
D. student

Omar and his friends like _____________.
A. playing toys
B. playing video games
C. playing football

Which word is correct?

A. mockey

B. monkey

C. muckney

A. janitor

B. librarian

C. teacher

D. school counsellor

Most people have many of these in their mouth. They are usually white and used to chew food.

A. Tongue

B. Lips

C. Teeth

D. Cheeks

Someone who manage a school is a . . . .
A. headmaster
B. student
C. teacher
D. school counsellor

My hobby is . . . . .
A. Playing football
B. Adzra
C. Doctor
D. Adzra Iftikhari Khayira

Raju and Kuna like ____________.
A. drawing
B. cycling
C. singing

Aiman likes ___________.
A. reading
B. swimming
C. singing

Saya duduk di kelas 5
A. I am 5 years old
B. I am at Year 5
C. I’m in 5
D. I’m 5

these body parts can be blue, brown, or green.

A. Teeth

B. Fingers

C. Eyes

D. Toes

Which word is correct

A. horse

B. hourse

Setelah itu
A. first
B. after that
C. next
D. finally

A. tie the joint with string

B. make the frame

C. hang it on the wall

D. fold the edges of the paper

What does he do?

He is ….
A. fire fighter

B. police officer

C. mechanic

D. soldier

My full name is . . . .
A. Qonita
B. Alfa
C. Adzkiya
D. Qonita Alfa Adzkiya

Qur’an is the . . . . book
A. best
B. better
C. goodest
D. good

What does she do?

She’s a ….
A. doctor

B. nurse

C. teacher

D. secretary


Gendis is . . . . . than Desi.
A. beautiful
B. beautifuler
C. more beautiful
D. most beautiful

A. make the frame

B. glue the paper

C. put your photo

D. make a tail for your kite

Where do you study?
A. Samarinda
B. Year 5
C. East Kalimantan
D. SD Integral Luqman Al Hakim

Hakim is 130 cm. Jundi is 128 cm. Hakim is . . . . . than Jundi
A. tall
B. taller
C. short
D. shorter

We can walk with it. What is that?

(Kita bisa berjalan dengan ini. Apakah itu?)
A. Stomach

B. Neck

C. Foot


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