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Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9


Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to play tennis from 3:00 to 4:30. So at 4:00 tomorrow. I………………tennis

A. Will play

B. Won’t play

C. Will be playing

D. Will have played

E. Will have played

To tells how something was made or done in time order and with accuracy.

The sentence above tells about…..
A. Tipe of procedure text

B. Kind of procedure text

C. Meaning of procedure text

D. Purpose of procedure text

Look! The students……. football in the field now.

A. is playing

B. are playing

Text procedure is a text about ……… ( text prosedur adalah sebuah text tentang … )

A. how something is done ( bagaimana sesuatu dikerjakan )

B. how something is eaten ( bagaiamana sesuatu dimakan )

C. how something is drunk ( bagaimana sesuatu diminum )

D. how something is payed ( bagaimana sesuatu dimainkan )

The first generic structure of procedure text is … ( kerangka penyusun pertama dari teks prosedur adalah … )

A. Ingredients ( bahan – bahan )

B. Methods ( Metode )

C. Steps ( langkah – langkah )

D. the goal ( Tujuan )

One of the examples of the goal of a procedure text is …….

( salah satu contoh tujuan dari sebuah teks prosedur adalah …. )
A. making kite is a fun ( membuat layangan menyenangkan )

B. Let’s make a kite ( ayo membuat sebuah layangan )

C. Make a kite ( buatlah sebuah layangan )

D. How to make a kite ( bagaimana membuat sebuah layangan )

I will . . . the Ondel – Ondel song.

A. sing

B. sings

C. singing

D. is sing

Dibawah ini yang manakah dinamakan SUBJECT?

A. I, you, we, they, she, he, it

B. Do and Does

C. am, is, are

D. play, walk, wash

Why we use spoon to make a coffee?

A. To boil the water

B. To stir the coffee

C. As the place of the coffee

D. To pour the hot water

… Mr. Agus and Mr. Ali operating the computer when I made a quizz ?

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were


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