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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6


Nella leads the school. She id a …..

A. Fisherman

B. Bricklayer

C. Headmaster

D. Gardener

Meisya goes to the mountain every month. His hobby is …

A. Travelling

B. Climbing

C. Riding a horse

Don’t eat too much ice cream, because it can make you have a….

A. wound

B. eyesore

C. earache

D. toothache

We need an … to make a scrambell egg.

A. Tea

B. Jelly

C. Egg

The capital city of East Java is…

A. Bandung

B. Surabaya

C. Semarang

D. Medan

What is your hobby?

My hobby is … (membaca)
A. Singing

B. Cycling

C. Reading

D. Painting

Hi.. Anas, how was your holiday?

A. It was awesome

B. It was fun

C. It was boring

D. It was tiring

I will meet you in this school ……

A. Tomorrow

B. Yesterday

C. Last year

D. Last week

A :”……….”

B :”sure”

A. would you mop the floor?

B. can you wash the dishes?

C. sweep the yard, please!

D. throw the rubbish!

They will…….my birthday here.

A. Celebration

B. Celebrating

C. Celebrate

D. Celebrates


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