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Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6

Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6.

We need a … to make a jelly.

A. Jelly

B. Tea

C. Egg


They will…….my birthday here.

A. Celebration

B. Celebrating

C. Celebrate

D. Celebrates


Mangkuk saji in English …

A. Large bowl

B. Serving bowl

C. Plate


We need an … to make a scrambell egg.

A. Tea

B. Jelly

C. Egg


We will… . to the zoo next week.

A. Visited

B. Visit

C. Visiting

D. Visits


She wil to be … . because she love eating.

A. Teacher

B. Driver

C. Chef

D. Dancer


Wira, what did you do last holiday?

A. It was fun

B. I stayed at home

C. It was tiring

D. I played football


The student are doing English test now!

The teacher says….

A. don’t cheat

B. don’t sleep

C. don’t write

D. don’t be naughty


I had a… Holiday

A. Awesome

B. Boring

C. Tiring

D. Fun


It was raining..

I forgot bring my…

A. Umbrella

B. Book

C. Shoes

D. Cycle


Nauzan.. What did your sister do last holiday?

A. My sister cooked

B. My sister read a book

C. My sister went to garden

D. My sister took a nap


Don’t eat too much ice cream, because it can make you have a….

A. wound

B. eyesore

C. earache

D. toothache


Fisihing in Indonesian is …

A. Memancing

B. Berkebun

C. Mendaki gunung


Nella leads the school. She id a …..

A. Fisherman

B. Bricklayer

C. Headmaster

D. Gardener


The doctor works in the…

A. School

B. Garden

C. Market

D. Hospital


Hi.. Anas, how was your holiday?

A. It was awesome

B. It was fun

C. It was boring

D. It was tiring


A: What ia your father’s job ?

B : Her job is make a clothes. He ia…..
A. Taylor

B. Driver

C. Teacher

D. Nurse


What did Ryo do last holiday?

A. She scrubbed the floor

B. He scrubbed the floor

C. He washed the car

D. She washed the car


Refrigerator in Indonesian is …

A. Mangkuk

B. Kulkas

C. Gelas


Playing football in Indonesian is …

A. Bermain sepak bola

B. Badminton

C. Bola voli


feel – never – I – afraid

A. I never feel afraid

B. feel afraid I never

C. I feel afraid never

D. I afraid never feel


Moslems pray in the…

A. Mosque

B. Church

C. Temple

D. Airport


My hobby is reading books.

I used to read books in class and in the library.

I often borrow books at …

A. In the mosque

B. In the library

C. In the office

D. In the next class


Devi is clever. Ayu is clever. Devi is… Ayu.

A. As clever as

B. As clever

C. More clever

D. Cleverest


I … . go to my friend’s house.

A. Are

B. Is not

C. Does

D. Will


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