Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6


Bandung is located is…

A. West Java

B. East Java

C. Central Java

D. Banten

The doctor works in the…

A. School

B. Garden

C. Market

D. Hospital

A :”……….”

B :”sure”

A. would you mop the floor?

B. can you wash the dishes?

C. sweep the yard, please!

D. throw the rubbish!

Mr. Bambang feels pain in his back. He has….

A. fever

B. backache

C. headache

D. toothache

I will …….. to your party.

A. Come

B. Came

C. Comes

D. Coming

My sister helped me to…

A. Wash

B. Take

C. Cook

D. Eat

Bela does not eat anything yet. Now she feels….

A. angry

B. hungry

C. thirsty

D. sad

I can help my father to… His car

A. Dust

B. Bring

C. Bath

D. Wash

Wira, what did you do last holiday?

A. It was fun

B. I stayed at home

C. It was tiring

D. I played football

Ridho…. The flowers

A. Water

B. Wash

C. Dust

D. Climb

What did Ryo do last holiday?

A. She scrubbed the floor

B. He scrubbed the floor

C. He washed the car

D. She washed the car

You have a motorcycle. The motorcycle is…

A. You

B. Your

C. Yours

D. You are

X :”Would you please lend me your ruler?”

Y :”……..”

A. yes, it is

B. no, i don’t

C. no, i am not

D. sure

…. . was the genius who invented electric light bulb for the first time.

A. Alexander Graham Bell

B. Michael Faraday

C. Nicola Tesla

D. Thomas Alva Edison

Refrigerator in Indonesian is …

A. Mangkuk

B. Kulkas

C. Gelas

Look! That is a…

A. wheelchair

B. syringe

C. chruthces

D. thermometer

For the first step, you must … to make jelly.

A. Pour the jelly powder

B. Stir until dissolves

C. Remove the refrigerator

Hasna did not have breakfast. So, she was…

A. Sleepy

B. Angry

C. Hungry

D. Happy

It is not my tie. The tie is not…

A. Our

B. Me

C. My

D. Mine

A :”What’s wrong with Burhan?”

B :”He gets a….”

A. headache

B. eyesore

C. backache

D. toothache

the – cut – Don’t – tree

A. don’t cut the tree

B. cut don’t the tree

C. the tree cut don’t

D. cut tree the don’t

What did Shinta do last holiday?

A. He washed the car

B. He climbed a tree

C. She washed the car

D. She climbed a tree

that is a….

A. bandage

B. torchligt

C. ambulance

D. stethoscope

What did you do last Sunday?

A. I played football

B. I scrubbed the floor

C. I washed the car

D. I learned to swim

I had a… Holiday

A. Awesome

B. Boring

C. Tiring

D. Fun


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