Latihan Soal Online

Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6

Latihan 90 soal pilihan ganda Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6 dan kunci jawaban.

Beni got a bad score on English. His mother ask him to….

A. go bed

B. have a vacation

C. study harder

D. do nothing


“Light bulb” in Indoneisan means … .

A. Sepak bola

B. Bola Tenis

C. Bola lampu

D. Bola kasti


Devi is clever. Ayu is clever. Devi is… Ayu.

A. As clever as

B. As clever

C. More clever

D. Cleverest


My hobby is reading books.

I used to read books in class and in the library.

I often borrow books at …

A. In the mosque

B. In the library

C. In the office

D. In the next class


I had a… Holiday

A. Awesome

B. Boring

C. Tiring

D. Fun


Mr. Nazmi will go to Surabaya … .

A. Yesterday

B. Last year

C. Last month

D. Next month


Sinta takes a glass of water. She is…

A. thirsty

B. sad

C. happy

D. angry


Arrange the following sentence.

Dika – football – likes – playing
A. Dika playing football likes

B. Dika football playing likes

C. Dika likes football playing

D. Dika likes playing football


want – see – I – to – movie – cinema – the – a – in.

A. I want to see a movie in the cinema

B. I see want a cinema in the movie

C. I want to see cinema in a movie

D. I want a cinema to see in the movie


We need a … to make a jelly.

A. Jelly

B. Tea

C. Egg


The doctor works in the…

A. School

B. Garden

C. Market

D. Hospital


Moslems pray in the…

A. Mosque

B. Church

C. Temple

D. Airport


Afrin and Trixie have many books. Their hobby is …

A. Traveling

B. Climbing

C. Reading a book


Don’t eat too much ice cream, because it can make you have a….

A. wound

B. eyesore

C. earache

D. toothache


They……….accompany me tomorrow.

A. Will

B. Isn’t

C. Are

D. Am


… . invented the telephone in 1876.

A. Michael Faraday

B. Alexander Graham Bell

C. Tomas Alva Edison

D. Nikolas Tesla


Playing football in Indonesian is …

A. Bermain sepak bola

B. Badminton

C. Bola voli


Hasna did not have breakfast. So, she was…

A. Sleepy

B. Angry

C. Hungry

D. Happy


Translate these sentence.

Mr. Munif is an English Teacher.
A. Mr. Munif seorang guru kelas

B. Mr. Munif seorang guru IPA

C. Mr. Munif Seorang guru Bahasa Inggris

D. Mr. Munif seorang guru olahraga


Riding a horse in Indonesian is …

A. Naik sepeda

B. Naik kuda

C. Mendaki gunung


You have a motorcycle. The motorcycle is…

A. You

B. Your

C. Yours

D. You are


Hi.. Anas, how was your holiday?

A. It was awesome

B. It was fun

C. It was boring

D. It was tiring


I will be a … . so I can make people smart.

A. Butcher

B. Teacher

C. Buyer

D. Seller


Nella leads the school. She id a …..

A. Fisherman

B. Bricklayer

C. Headmaster

D. Gardener


My father is a farmer, every day he goes to the rice fields. His hobby is growing vegetables

Who is my father?
A. Growing vegetables

B. Rice fields

C. Farm

D. Farmer