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Latihan Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8


What is your opinion of this?

A. In my opinion it is beautiful

B. In my opinion it is dirty

C. In my opinion it is good

D. In my opinion it is crowded

It begins to rain, you …

A. must bring umbrella

B. should wear raincoat

C. do not need to go

What do you say to get teacher’s attention?

A. Hello

B. Hi

C. Sir/Ma’am

D. Miss

You looked pale, you … take a rest.

A. must

B. should

Teacher: Attention please!

Student: ….
A. Attention too

B. Yes, Sir

C. May I help you

If you don’t want to be infected by Covid-19, you …

A. must wear dress

B. must drink medicine

C. must eat a lot

D. must wear mask and wash hands

If you got hiccup, you …

A. should go to hospital

B. should drink medicine

C. should go to market

D. should drink a lot of water

If you want to go toilet, you say …

A. I’m sorry

B. Thank you

C. Excuse me

What is attention in Bahasa Indonesia?

A. Berhati

B. Hati-hati

C. Perhatian

If you want to be the first rank, you …. study harder.

A. must

B. should


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