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PAT Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5

Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban PAT Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5.

My stomach is sick I have….

A. Penicillin

B. Headache

C. Stomachache

D. A cold


My mother cooks in the …

A. garage

B. kitchen

C. veranda

D. bathroom


A drivers drive a car.

Artinya ……
A. Seorang pengendara mengendarai mobil

B. Seorang pilot mengendarai pesawat

C. Seorang dokter memeriksa pasien

D. Seorang suster membantu dokter


Cindy is 90 kg and Rida is 90 kg. Cindy is …. Rida.

A. Fatter

B. Fattest

C. As fat as

D. Fat


one hundred threety six plus two hundred seventeen equals……

A. 478

B. 353

C. 354

D. 534


8. 30 a.m is….

A. Nine o’clock

B. A half past nine

C. A quarter past nine

D. A half past ten


Krisna watching a …. at the livingroom

A. magazine

B. radio

C. newspaper

D. television


The shape is …. (segitiga)

A. Triangle

B. Square

C. Oval

D. Rectangle


The opposite of big is ….

A. Clever

B. Dilligent

C. Long

D. Small


Nila’s father finds fish in the sea. He is a…..

A. fireman

B. fisherman

C. barber man

D. sailor


Twenty one … by seven is three.

A. Plus

B. Minus

C. Multiplied

D. Divided


what time is it?

A. it’s half past eight

B. it’s half past nine

C. it’s half past ten


Gloves in Indonesian is….

A. Kaos Kaki

B. SarungTangan

C. CelanaPanjang

D. Sepatu


Siska reads book at. . .

A. school

B. canteen

C. library

D. home


What time is it ?

A. It is a quarter to five

B. It is a quarter past five

C. It is a half past five

D. It is fifteen to five


RAHMAN FEELS …. He wants a plate of fried rice.

A. Angry

B. Hungry

C. Thirsty

D. Tired


I usually … at 05.00 in the morning.

A. sleep

B. get up

C. take a bath

D. have breakfast


What is the English of “sayur”?

A. Egg

B. Vegetables

C. Fish

D. Cake


387 is…..

A. three hundred eighty seven

B. three thousand eighty seven

C. three hundred eight seven

D. three hundred seventy eight


she is a…

A. doctor

B. teacher

C. tailor

D. nurse


Mr. Lia is a doctor. She work in a….

A. school

B. hospital

C. post office

D. police office


My brother teaches the student. He is a …..

A. Headmaster

B. Nurse

C. Teacher

D. Doctor


Nani likes to watch …. in the television

A. boxing

B. table tennis

C. chess

D. running


Susunan kata yg tepat adalah…..

Drives – a – car – driver – a
A. Driver a drives a car

B. A car drives a drivr

C. A drives Drive a car

D. A driver drives a car


A:” Do you like swimming?”

B: “ … “.
A. Yes, I do

B. No, I do

C. Yes, I am

D. Yes, I like


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