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Latihan Soal Congratulate and Compliment - Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10


Audrey: I just bought a new gown. What do you think about it?

Lala: ………………………………………….

Audrey: Thanks.

The answer that describe a compliment is …

A. What a pretty gown.

B. I don’t know.

C. How much it cost?

D. Where did you buy it?

The following sentences are expression of congratulation, except….

A. please accept my warm congratulationI

B. congratulate you on your success

C. I’m sorry to hear that

D. well done, congratulations for you

Which of the following sentence is a not a compliment?

A. That looks awful

B. What a lovely dress!

C. Nice car!

D. You look amazing!

The following are the expression of congratulations, except …

A. Best wishes for your next journey

B. Congratulations!

C. I am sorry to hear that

D. I congratulate you on your success

Pluto: Would you like some more slices of pizza?

Hans: They’re very ……., but I’m full already.

What is the proper word should be?

A. Tasteless

B. Not good

C. Delicious

D. So so

You met your friend at school with a new haircut.

The correct sentence to compliment her is…

A. Nice shoes! Where did you buy them?

B. Your hair looks awful. Try to use another shampoo

C. I love your bag. How much is it?

D. Your hair looks so cute!

How would you congratulate someone who wins a competition?

A. Happy graduation!

B. Congratulations on your promotion

C. Congratulations for winning the competition.

D. Happy birthday!

Rahma’s father has given her permission to walk to the mountain. Gibril is happy for her and expresses his hope that she will have a safe trip.

The conversation:

Rahma: “Thank God. Finally my father lets me go to the mountain walk.”

Gibril : “______________________. Have a safe trip.”

A. I’m happy for you

B. Wish me happy

C. Thank you very much

D. I hope so

rose – red – it’s – a – beautiful

What is the correct arrangement of the words above?

A. A red rose it’s beautiful

B. It’s a beautiful rose red

C. It’s a beautiful red rose

D. A beautiful it’s red rose

A: What’s your name? (1)

B: My name is Olivia (2)

A: What a lovely name! (3)

B: Thanks! (4)

Which sentence is a compliment?

A. What’s your name?

B. My name is Olivia

C. What a lovely name!

D. Thanks!


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