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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7


I am twelve years old. I am . . . of Junior High School. I go to school on foot because my house is not far from my school.

A. a teacher

B. a student

C. a librarian

D. a headmaster

Seli is Mr. Rosi’s…….

A. Son

B. Daughter

C. Sister

D. Aunt

My brother is in grade 7 now. He is…

A. a student of Junior high school

B. a student of Senior high school

C. a student of Elementary school

D. a student of kindergarten

Randy : Ok guys, . . .This is Farid, He moved from Seram,

now he lives in Wara and he is our new class mate.
A. Let me introduce my self

B. Please welcome

C. Let me introduce our new friend

D. Say Hello to Farid

Students usually do not go to school on . . . .

A. Saturday

B. Sunday

C. Monday

D. Tuesday

A: _____________________?

B: I love dancing so much.
A. What is your hobby?

B. Where are you from?

C. What is your name?

D. How old are you?

If you see your friends at 7 pm , so you will say

A. Good morning

B. Good evening

C. Good afternoon

D. Good bye

How do you say ‘ Selamat malam’ in English?

A. Good morning

B. Good afternoon

C. Good evening

D. Good night

Rani has three sisters in her family. Rani is older than Sania. Tania is the youngest.Mia is older than Tania and Sania. Who is the oldest among them?

A. Rani

B. Tania

C. Sania

D. Mia

Nia : …

Ayu : I’m from Aceh.
A. where are you from?

B. how are you?

C. how do you do

D. where was your born?


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