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Latihan Soal: Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7


She . . . me a birthday cake today.

A. make

B. makes

C. made

D. had made

I . . . . two pencils so you can borrow one.

A. has

B. have

C. had

D. has been

Budi : “I am good”

What is the synonym of “ good?
A. ugly

B. bad

C. fine

D. clear

Students usually do not go to school on . . . .

A. Saturday

B. Sunday

C. Monday

D. Tuesday

Yumna : Hello, good morning. My name is Yumna. What’s

your name?

Firda : Hello, good morning. My name is Firda.

Yumna : Nice to meet you.

Firda : ….

a.Long time no see

b. how are you?

c. Nice to meet you, too

d. I am very well

I go to school on foot because my house is not far from my school.

It means . . .
A. he goes to school by bus

B. he rides motorcycle to school

C. he walks to school

D. he cycles to school

Now it is July so next month is . . . .

A. June

B. July

C. August

D. September

I want to go to bookstore to . . . a book.

A. to sell

B. to borrow

C. read

D. buy

I am twelve years old. I am . . . of Junior High School. I go to school on foot because my house is not far from my school.

A. a teacher

B. a student

C. a librarian

D. a headmaster

Diana : . . . is your name?

Rafi : My name is Rafi
A. What

B. That

C. This

D. Who


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