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PTS Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 Genap SD Kelas 6

Latihan 19 soal pilihan ganda PTS Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 Genap SD Kelas 6 dan kunci jawaban.

What is your father doing in the living room?

A. cooking

B. reading newspaper

C. taking a nap

D. washing a car


Bromo is a name of a ….

A. Mountain

B. Beach

C. Waterfall

D. Lake


Before entering the Jatim Park 1 we mush buy a …. First

A. Ticket

B. Souvenir

C. Visa

D. Food


What will Tomy do? Tomy will ….

A. Tomy will play football

B. Tomy will clean the bedroom

C. Tomy will plant some flowers

D. Tomy will drink ice tea


Amir going to swim in the ….

A. Museum

B. River

C. Swimming pool

D. Garden


We can see many animals in the ….

A. Cave

B. Zoo

C. Beach

D. Museum


Hilda will watch badminton tomorrow. Watch it means ….

A. bermain

B. melihat

C. minum

D. membersihkan


Setigi Chalk mountain it is located in the ….

A. Surabaya

B. Jogja

C. Bali

D. Gresik


I will . . . . Some fruits for my mother because she is sick

A. buy

B. plant

C. see

D. cook


A famouse beach in Gresik is ….

A. Kute

B. Kenjeran

C. Parangtritis

D. Delegan


Mita will . . . . Ice tea in the canteen

A. drink

B. eat

C. plant

D. play


Cindy will have a birthday party at the house. We say ….

A. Happy Birthday

B. Congratulation

C. Happy New Year

D. Happy Anniversery


Cuban Rondo – went – Vina – to – waterfall. The correct sentences is ….

A. Vina to went waterfall Cuban Rondo

B. Vina went to Cuban Rondo waterfall

C. Cuban rondo went Vina to waterfall

D. Cuban rondo watervall Vina to went


What did you see in the Temple?

A. I saw animals

B. I saw sea of sand

C. I saw stupas

D. I saw beautiful views


Zidan play . . . . In the yard with friends

A. doll

B. chess

C. foot ball

D. video game


Andy is . . . . good score in English

A. bring

B. go

C. buy

D. got


Nisa play rope skipping in the yard. Rope skipping it means ….

A. Sepak bola

B. Menanam bunga

C. Berenang

D. Lompat tali


Will Tito sing a song? No, ….

A. He will

B. He will not

C. She will not

D. She will


A tourism object in Madura is ….

A. Kenjeran beach

B. Maharini cave

C. Suramadu bridge

D. Parangtritis beach