Latihan Soal Penilaian Harian Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6 KD 3.5 dan 3.6


What will you do in Monas?

I will … to the voice of Ir. Soekarno when he read the proclamation of independence.
A. read

B. sing

C. listen

D. eat

When … you visit Monas?

I will visit Monas next holiday.
A. do

B. did

C. are

D. will

What will they do this afternoon? They will play …

A. football

B. basketball

C. badminton

D. marbles

Selendang Mayang ice is a traditional drink from …

A. Palembang

B. Betawi

C. Makassar

D. Yogyakarta

How does Selendang Mayang ice taste?

A. salty

B. sweet

C. bitter

D. sour

What will your mother do tomorrow morning? She will …

A. go to the market

B. make a cake

C. read magazine

D. wash clothes

Glodok is a fruit market.



What will your sister do this afternoon? She will …

A. read newspaper

B. make a cake

C. listen to the radio

D. play doll

What will you do next Sunday morning? I will …

A. go fishing

B. ride bicycle

C. play football

D. watch TV

When will you make an omelet?

I will … an omelet this afternoon.
A. make

B. see

C. buy

D. eat

What will Mumun do next Monday? She will …

A. make Selendang Mayang ice

B. dance Lenggang Jali

C. play dampu bulan

D. go fishing

What will she do this Saturday? She will …

A. eat gado-gado

B. buy Selendang Mayang ice

C. sing Ondel-ondel song

D. make Betawi batik

These are the ingredients to make Selendang Mayang ice, except …

A. pandan leaves

B. coconut milk

C. sugar

D. ginger

What will the students do next month? They will …

A. camp

B. go shopping

C. visit museum

D. have an exercise

What is this? This is …

A. selendang mayang ice

B. cendol ice

C. bir pletok

D. coconut ice


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