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Adverbs of Manner - PJJ Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4


Latihan 19 soal pilihan ganda Adverbs of Manner - PJJ Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4 dan kunci jawaban.

We … radio.

A. don’t usually listen

B. listen usually don’t

C. usually listen don’t

D. don’t listen usually


Alex … eats fast food because it is unhealthy.

A. never

B. often

C. always

D. usually


Are … in Math?

A. always interested you

B. interested you always

C. you interested always

D. you always interested


He …. goes to the cinema, only 2 or 3 times a year.

A. sometimes

B. usually

C. often

D. rarely


I am allergic to egg, so …

A. I always eat it.

B. I sometimes eat it.

C. I often eat it.

D. I never eat it.


Put these words into a good sentence!

TV / always / English / They / watch / in
A. They watch in English TV always.

B. Always they English TV in watch.

C. They always watch TV in English.

D. They watch always TV in English.


My brother often … TV in the evening.

A. watches

B. watch

C. watching

D. is watch


I’m … hungry because I eat a lot.

A. always

B. never

C. often

D. sometimes


I am never late! I am … on time.

A. rarely

B. sometimes

C. rarely

D. always


Valeria … goes out. He meets his friends 7 days a week.

A. never

B. usually

C. always

D. rarely


Which sentence is correct?

A. She sometimes takes a shower.

B. She always takes a shower.

C. She rarely takes a shower.

D. She often takes a shower.


Roberto works on Mondays and Fridays. He works … a week.

A. once

B. twice

C. three times

D. four times


Which sentence is correct?

A. I never am late.

B. I am never late.

C. Never I am late.

D. I am late never.


What’s the correct option?

A. I am late never for school.

B. I am late for never school.

C. I am never late for school.

D. I am late for school never .


What do they do at weekends?

A. We never take the trash out.

B. We take never the trash out.

C. They usually take the trash out.

D. They take usually the trash out.


Put these words into a good sentence!

have / dinner / sometimes / pizza / for / We
A. We sometimes have pizza for dinner.

B. We have pizza for sometimes dinner.

C. We dinner sometimes for have.

D. We sometimes have dinner for pizza.


What does Rudy at weekends?

A. She usually cleans his bedroom.

B. I never clean his bedroom.

C. You usually clean your bedroom.

D. He usually cleans his bedroom.


Choose the correct question!

A. What do you usually do on Fridays after work?

B. What do you usually on Fridays do after work ?

C. What usually do you do on Fridays after work?

D. What do you do usually on Fridays after work?


The suitable sentence for the picture is …

A. They often wash the car in the afternoons.

B. They often watch the car in the afternoons.

C. They often washes the car in the afternoons.

D. They often watches the car in the afternoons.