Latihan Soal Online

PTS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7


Latihan 45 soal pilihan ganda PTS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 dan kunci jawaban.

Andika : …. some computers in the library?

Librarian : Yes. You can use them to browse the internet.
A. There is

B. Is there

C. There are

D. Are there


Maria has a new dog. …… fur is soft and heavy

A. his

B. her

C. it

D. its


Tari : Are you new here?

Tiara : Yes, I am

Tari :…………….?

Tiara : My name is Tiara. But you can call me Tia

A. What is your name?

B. Who are you?

C. What is your nickname?

D. May I know you?


What is the meaning of the word “great” in Indonesia?

A. memaafkan

B. menenangkan

C. memberi salam

D. memperkenalkan


My sister is interested … keroncong music

A. With

B. Of

C. At

D. In


Arla : Nia, how many boys join the course?

Nia : …. any boys in the course. All of them are girls.
A. There are

B. There are not

C. There is

D. There is not


A : …. does Mr. Vicky need to get his school?

B : Mr. Vicky need fifteen minutes.
A. How many

B. How far

C. How long

D. How


Tya … happy when she got a prize

A. Are

B. Am

C. Has

D. Is


Tina :…….?

Dina : In 1990

Tina : On what date?

Dina :April,18th

Tina : Today is April,18th, so it is your bitrhday!

Dina : Yes, today is my birthday

A. What were you born

B. When you were born

C. What time is it?

D. When you celebrate your birthday?


Stela : By the way, can I buy some souvenir in Banjarmasin?

Luna : Of course, ……………. some stores in Banjarmasin which offers traditional souvenirs
A. That is

B. Those are

C. There is

D. There are


Your relative is coming to your house at 4 p.m. what will you say?

A. Good afternoon

B. Good evening

C. Good night

D. Bye


You meet your friends Indra in the street, what will you say…

A. Goodnight

B. Good bye

C. Hi

D. No way


Arrange these words !

A. You live do where?

B. Where do you live?

C. Where live do you?

D. DO you live where?


Father : Good morning, son

Claudy : ………
A. Good morning , Dad

B. Good bye, Dad

C. Good night, Dad

D. Good afternoon, Dad


What is the meaning of “see you later” in Indonesia?

A. sampai jumpa lagi

B. maaf

C. bagaimana keadaanmu

D. selamat tinggal


Leo : Are you Dama?

Dama : Yes I am. And you?

Leo : ………

Dama : oh, How do you do?

Leo : How do you do

A. Your friend is Leo

B. Are you Leo?

C. I am Leo

D. You are Leo


The picture is … the wall

A. At

B. Near

C. On

D. In


How do you spell name “DANI”

A. d-a-n-i

B. dey-ei-n-ai

C. di:-ei-en-ai

D. di:-ai-en-ei


Kay : I’am sorry, I have to leave now. see you later

Toni : …………
A. I’am fine

B. See you

C. Let me introduce myself

D. have to go now


After you see this symbol, what will you think?

A. You have to stop be careful

B. You can turn left

C. You can not park here

D. You can not smoke


Tina and Nina’s sisters will enroll University this year. ……sister will enroll in the same University

A. our

B. their

C. his

D. her


Dennis : …. a new biology teacher in my classroom.

Acha : Really? How is she?

Dennis : She is smart and friendly.

A. There are

B. Is there

C. There are

D. Are three


Jenny and I want to watch a movie. …..are going to the cinema together

A. We

B. They

C. Our

D. Their


Mother : Have you returned your laptop to your brother, Elsa?

Elsa : I am sorry mom, I haven’t returned it

Mother : It’s okay, But, you have to return it tomorrow, because he needs to do his thesis

Elsa : Okay, Mom

The underlined sentence means….her brother’s laptop

A. the mother forgot

B. Elsa bring his brother’s laptop

C. Elsa did’nt remember to return

D. The mother reminded


This cake … expensive and not tasty

A. Am

B. Are

C. Is

D. Has