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PTS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7

Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban PTS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7.

The girls usually play dolls in the evening. … in the garden

A. You

B. They

C. We

D. He


This cake … expensive and not tasty

A. Am

B. Are

C. Is

D. Has


My sister is interested … keroncong music

A. With

B. Of

C. At

D. In


Andika : …. some computers in the library?

Librarian : Yes. You can use them to browse the internet.
A. There is

B. Is there

C. There are

D. Are there


They will buy some foods, … foods are so delicious

A. His

B. Him

C. Her

D. Their


Your relative is coming to your house at 4 p.m. what will you say?

A. Good afternoon

B. Good evening

C. Good night

D. Bye


Jenny and I want to watch a movie. …..are going to the cinema together

A. We

B. They

C. Our

D. Their


I have a doll. …..doll is a big as me

A. my

B. her

C. his

D. their


What is the meaning of the word “great” in Indonesia?

A. memaafkan

B. menenangkan

C. memberi salam

D. memperkenalkan


What will you think about this symbol?

A. There is a hotel

B. There is a cottage

C. There is an inn

D. There is a hospital


Maria has a new dog. …… fur is soft and heavy

A. his

B. her

C. it

D. its


Mother : Have you returned your laptop to your brother, Elsa?

Elsa : I am sorry mom, I haven’t returned it

Mother : It’s okay, But, you have to return it tomorrow, because he needs to do his thesis

Elsa : Okay, Mom

The underlined sentence means….her brother’s laptop

A. the mother forgot

B. Elsa bring his brother’s laptop

C. Elsa did’nt remember to return

D. The mother reminded


How do you spell name “DANI”

A. d-a-n-i

B. dey-ei-n-ai

C. di:-ei-en-ai

D. di:-ai-en-ei


…. do you want to invite to your garden party?

A. Whose

B. What

C. Whom

D. Who


After you see this symbol, what will you think?

A. You have to stop be careful

B. You can turn left

C. You can not park here

D. You can not smoke


Handy and you …. excited

A. Are

B. Is

C. Am

D. Do


A : …. are you come from?

B : I’m from Indonesia
A. Who

B. Where

C. When

D. What


My name is Andy. ……. a student

A. I am

B. He

C. I

D. Our


Father : Good morning, son

Claudy : ………
A. Good morning , Dad

B. Good bye, Dad

C. Good night, Dad

D. Good afternoon, Dad


Some students go to school … car

A. In

B. On

C. By

D. At


Viki : Hi, Aldi

Aldi : Hi Viki. I heard that your boarding house is being renovated. …….?

Viki : Yes, I live in my uncle’s house right now.

A. Where do you move?

B. Where do you work?

C. Where do you go?

D. Where do you live?


It is 08.30 a.m. What do you say?

A. Good afternoon

B. Good Morning

C. Good Night

D. Good bye


The following expressions are kind of greetings, except……

A. hallo , Vanny

B. goodbye, Ardi

C. good morning everyone

D. good afternoon, Mom


Arla : Nia, how many boys join the course?

Nia : …. any boys in the course. All of them are girls.
A. There are

B. There are not

C. There is

D. There is not


Tina :…….?

Dina : In 1990

Tina : On what date?

Dina :April,18th

Tina : Today is April,18th, so it is your bitrhday!

Dina : Yes, today is my birthday

A. What were you born

B. When you were born

C. What time is it?

D. When you celebrate your birthday?


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