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Latihan Soal Vocabulary - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8


You …. fried rice

A. Paint

B. Cook

C. Wash

D. Hang

What is the synonym of “Beautiful” ?

A. Pretty

B. Ugly

C. Handsome

D. Tall

Please, open the window.

What is the meaning of “open” in Indonesian?
A. Tutup

B. Memasak

C. Membuat

D. Buka

What is it ?

A. It is a ruler

B. It is a pen

C. It is a book

D. It is a bag

She is …. the floor

A. Making

B. Washing

C. Cooking

D. Sweeping

Which one belongs to the verb class below …

A. Chair, table, bag, chalk

B. Open, wash, hang, paint

C. Behind, beside, between, under

D. Beautiful, Little, Big, Expensive

What is the meaning of Telephone ?

A. a thing used for cooking

B. a thing used for sitting

C. an electronic equipment used for communicating with someone

D. a small thing used for hanging clothes

This activity is clean something usually with soap and water, it is called …

A. Wash

B. Cook

C. Paint

D. Make

The eraser is under the desk

What is the meaning of “Under” in Bahasa Indonesia ?
A. Di bawah

B. Di samping

C. Di antara

D. Di belakang

Kami menggantung lukisan di atas dinding.

How do you say “Menggantung” in English ?
A. Wash

B. Hang

C. Change

D. Paint


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