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Latihan Soal Vocabulary - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8


Which one belongs to the verb class below …

A. Chair, table, bag, chalk

B. Open, wash, hang, paint

C. Behind, beside, between, under

D. Beautiful, Little, Big, Expensive

Which one belongs to the adjective class below …

A. Ugly, Big, Tall, Small

B. Wash, Cut, Paint, Cook

C. Book, Globe, Pencil, Ruler

D. Under, below, behind, beside

The glass is …. of water

A. Small

B. Big

C. High

D. Full

What is the meaning of Telephone ?

A. a thing used for cooking

B. a thing used for sitting

C. an electronic equipment used for communicating with someone

D. a small thing used for hanging clothes

Please, sweep the floor.

What is the meaning of “Floor” in Indonesian ?
A. Cermin

B. Sisir

C. Lantai

D. Lemari


The correct arrangement is …
A. Repair

B. Ripear

C. Raiper

D. Riaper


The correct arrangement is …
A. Beinhd

B. Behind

C. Bihend

D. Biehnd

What is the antonym of “In front of” ?

A. Behind

B. Beside

C. Under

D. Between

What is the antonym of “Fast” ?

A. Quick

B. Speed

C. Slow

D. Energetic

You …. fried rice

A. Paint

B. Cook

C. Wash

D. Hang


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