Latihan Soal Chapter 1 & 2 - Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12


Indry : The box you brought looks very heavy. ________Putry : Sure. It’s very kind of you. Thanks.The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ….

A. Would you like me to help you?

B. Would you like to help me?

C. Could you bring it for me?

D. Would I like to help me?

E. Would you like to bring it for me?

My father would have bought me a new motorcycle …………..

A. If I pass the state university entrance test.

B. If I passed the state university entrance test.

C. If I had passed the state university entrance test.

D. If I am passing the state university entrance test.

You’re carrying two bags and you’re nearly home, when someone offers help to you. You don’t want help and say, ” …”

A. Actually, I’m fine thanks.

B. Thanks, but no!

C. If you don’t mind.

D. Thank you.

E. Go away, please.

We ……………… out in the garden if it hadn’t been so cold.

A. would had sat

B. would sit

C. had sit

D. would have sat

… like a cup of coffee?

A. Can I

B. Should I

C. Would you

D. I’ll do

E. May I

If we arrived at 10, we ______________Tyler’s presentation.
A. attend
B. would have attended
C. will attend
D. would attend

Nick: Sir, I think I’m lost.

Jeremy: ………………………..
A. Let me help you carrying your bag.

B. Can I help you? I know this place.

C. May I help you? I have a dog too.

D. Shall I clean your shoes.

Which question is correct?

A. Hi! I can help you ?

B. Me help you with the ticket?

C. Would you mind checking my plane ticket please?

Aldo : Did you attend the meeting last Monday?

Fery : I would if I had been invited.

The underlined utterance means ______.

A. Fery didn’t attend the meeting

B. Fery plans to attend the meeting

C. Fery knew about the meeting and he attended the meeting

D. Fery was not invited to the meeting but he came

My uncle would stay longer in N.Y, if he ______more time

A. has

B. had

C. would have

D. had had

If it rains, the boys _____________ hockey.
A. play
B. will play
C. would play
D. would have

If i had studied harder,i would have gotten a better job.

Kalimat di atas termasuk conditional type berapa?
A. 0

B. 3

C. 1

D. 2

You see someone with a heavy suitcase and you offer help. You say, “Would you like a … ”

A. carry

B. offer

C. suggestion

D. hand

E. need

Can I … you a hand?

A. be

B. help

C. make

D. give

E. need

If I were you, I ______________that new car
A. Bought
B. Will buy
C. Buy
D. Would buy

Tourist : I don’t know this place. Can you tell me where is located?Native : Well, it’s far enough. (Would you like me to show you the place)?Tourist : Really ? It’s very kind of you.The bracket sentence shows us that ………….

A. The native is not really sure about the location.

B. The native accepts the tourist’s offer to help him

C. The native tells about the place.

D. The native know about the location

E. The native offers the tourist some help

Jane: You look pale.

Jim: I’ve got a serious headache.

Jane: ………………..

A. Let me take you to the restaurant.

B. What about a glass of avocado juice?

C. Let me take you to the hospital.

D. Would you like fried or steamed chicken?

This week you have lots to do. A friend offers to help you, but you don’t want your friend to help. You say, “Actually I’m fine. Thanks …”

A. for helping, though.

B. for saying, though.

C. for asking, though.

D. for offering, though.

E. for coming, though.

_______________ ,he would have gone by air

A. If he had enough money

B. If he has enough money

C. If he had had enough money

D. If he have enough money

Paul would be a good artist if he ………. more patience

A. had

B. has

C. will have

D. have


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