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Future Tense - Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10


Latihan 21 soal pilihan ganda Future Tense - Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10 dan kunci jawaban.

I know you have got a lot to do so I …………… and help you as much as I can

A. will try

B. will be trying

C. am going to try

D. will be try

E. will have tried


At 8 o’clock tomorrow, we …………. here to talk about the issues.

A. will sit

B. will be sitting

C. will have sit

D. will have sat

E. are going to sit


A: What time does the meeting finish? Will you be free at 11.30?

B: Yes, the meeting ____________________by then.
A. will finish

B. will have finished

C. will be finishing

D. are going to finish

E. is going to finish


Complete the dialogue.

A : This light doesn’t work. The bulb is probably burned out. Where are the new light bulbs?

B : I ……… one for you.

A. will be getting

B. will have gotten

C. am going to

D. am going to get

E. will get


I’m sorry I made you so angry. I ……………….. that again.

A. will do

B. won’t do

C. will be doing

D. won’t be doing

E. will have done


By the time Jack gets here, we ………… all of the cake.

A. will eat

B. will be eating

C. will have been eating

D. are going to eat

E. will have eaten


Lisa is from New Zealand. She is travelling around Europe at the moment. So far she has travelled about 1,000 miles. By the end of the trip, she ____________________more than 3,000 miles

A. will travel

B. will be travelling

C. will have traveled

D. is going to travel

E. will have been traveled


Complete the dialogue.

X : Do you want to go shopping with me? I ……….. to the shopping mall downtown.

Y : Sure. What time do you want to leave?

X : After I get home at 5

A. will go

B. am going to go

C. am going to

D. will be going

E. will have gone


I … (wait) on the train station by this time tomorrow morning.

A. will wait

B. will be waiting

C. will have wait

D. will be wait

E. am going to wait


She …………… when her husband comes home tonight.

A. will sleep

B. will be sleeping

C. will have slept

D. are going to sleep

E. are going to


Reny ……………… at the office when you arrive.

A. will work

B. will have worked

C. will be working

D. is going to work

E. will have work


A : I need the book back by next week. ………….. it by then?

B : Ofcourse, I’ll do that.
A. will you finish

B. will you have finished

C. will you be finishing

D. are you going to finish

E. will you have been finishing


X : This letter is in Japan, and I don’t speak a word of Japan. Can you help me?

Y : Sure. I ………… it for you.
A. will translate

B. am going to translate

C. have translated

D. translated

E. translate


Complete the dialogue.

A : So you have moved to your new house. Congratulations!

B : Thank you. We …………. a party soon.

A. will have had

B. will be having

C. are going to have

D. are going to be

E. will have


Complete the dialogue.

A : Mr. Sapto will not be here next term. He has resigned. Who are going to be the new teacher? Do you know?

B : Yes. Siti Fatimah. Ms. Fatimah is going to teach the same course Mr. Sapto taught: English, geometry, and structure. I ………………. in her English class. Do you know which English class you are going to be in next term?

A. am going to be

B. will be

C. will be being

D. will have been

E. will be going


Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to play paddle from 3 o’clock until 4.30. So at 4 o’clock, we ________________ paddle.

A. will be playing

B. will play

C. will have played

D. are going to play

E. will have be playing


The people ………. at home during hurricane season.

A. will be staying

B. will stay

C. are going to stay

D. will have stayed

E. are going to


Complete the dialogue.

A : So you …………….. get married.

B : That’s right. On December 22nd.

A : My congratulations.

A. will

B. will be

C. will have

D. are going to

E. will be going to


Don’t phone me at 7 o’clock , I ……………. dinner with my family.

A. will be having

B. will have

C. will have had

D. am going to have

E. are going to


I talk to Amir yesterday. He is tired of taking the bus to work. He …………… a car. That’s what he told me.

A. will buy

B. will be buying

C. is going to buy

D. will have bought

E. will have


Complete the dialogue.

X : Brrr… Who turned up the air conditioner? It’s really cold in here. My face is cold and my fingers are cold.

Y : I …………. you a cup of hot tea.

X : Thanks. That sounds good.

A. am going to make

B. will be making

C. will make

D. will have made

E. am going to making