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Latihan Soal Ulangan Harian - Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12


A document that presents information in an organized format for a specific audience and purpose is called….

A. a representative

B. a submission

C. an important document

D. a report







The things above are the part of….

A. The social function of the report

B. The language features of the report

C. The structure text of the report

D. The preparation of making a report

Read what is reported in the findings below:

A. The participants were generally satisfied with the activities.

B. Most of the participants complained about the uncomfortability.

What is the language features using in Findings?

A. Present Tense

B. Future Tense

C. Present Continuous Tense

D. Past Tense

If she … me, I will go

A. invite

B. invites

C. invited

D. inviting

The part of report text which introduce the object to describe is …

A. general classification

B. identification

C. explanation

D. description

A factual information text is?

A. Report Text

B. Narrative Text

C. Descriptive Text

D. Procedure Text

What should you do while you do your presentation?

A. speak slowly

B. make eye-contact

C. read your slides

D. keep silent

Today, we are going to discuss about …

This sentence is used when you want to …

A. state your topic

B. welcome the audience

C. give question to the audience

D. sum up your topic

from the presentation, it can be concluded that our material today is about…

This sentence is used to tell ..

A. the introduction

B. the ice-breaker

C. the conclusion

D. the content

In Analytical Exposition Text, it mostly uses…..

A. simple present tense

B. simple past tense

C. present perfect tense

D. present continuous tense


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