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Latihan Soal Ulangan Harian - Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12


Read what is reported in the findings below:

A. The participants were generally satisfied with the activities.

B. Most of the participants complained about the uncomfortability.

What is the language features using in Findings?

A. Present Tense

B. Future Tense

C. Present Continuous Tense

D. Past Tense

If you call Tessa, I … others

A. want call

B. will call

C. should call

D. would call

If I … a promotion, I will buy a car.

A. got

B. gotten

C. get

D. getting

If a customer … chocolate ice cream from the restaurant, he or she will get extra toppings.

A. orders

B. order

C. ordering

D. ordered

The generic structure of report text are …

A. identification, explanation

B. identification, description

C. general classification, explanation

D. general classification, description

A factual information text is?

A. Report Text

B. Narrative Text

C. Descriptive Text

D. Procedure Text

The difference between report text and descriptive text is…

A. report talks about general objects and description talks about specific ones

B. report and description talks about general objects

C. report talks about specific objects and decription talks about general ones

D. report and description talks about specific objects

Atta Halilintar

Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar (Atta Halilintar) was born on November 20th, 1994. He’s already been known as a public figure, entrepreneur, traveller and content creator, thanks to YouTube which, makes his content were viewed by more 300 million people who instantly made his name being famous.

He’s only 22, talented and got into the apparel industry and travel agency at a young age. Atta was born in Dumai, first child of 11 siblings from Halilintar Anofial Asmid (father) and Lenggogeni Faruk (mother). Inherited from his parents who has passion in trading and expeditions, Atta spent challenging childhood. He already travelled many places around the world. He has become a businessman since primary school. At fifth grade, he’s already sold handicraft to his friend and marketing his father communication products. Among his friends, Atta is known as self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hard working person. It comes no surprise he is passionately in love with fashion and travel.

What is Atta parents’ name?

A. Asmid and Faruk

B. Halilintar Anofial Asmid and Lenggogeni Faruk

C. Anofial Asmid and Lenggogeni Faruk

D. Halilintar Anofial and Faruk Lenggogeni

from the presentation, it can be concluded that our material today is about…

This sentence is used to tell ..

A. the introduction

B. the ice-breaker

C. the conclusion

D. the content

What should you do while you do your presentation?

A. speak slowly

B. make eye-contact

C. read your slides

D. keep silent


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