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Accessories - Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4

Latihan 13 soal pilihan ganda Accessories - Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4 dan kunci jawaban.

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He always looks into … before going to work.

A. a wall

B. a mirror

C. a watch

D. a picture



A. accessories

B. animals

C. library

D. vocabulary


Sandy wears a . . . . on the beach.

A. shirt

B. skirt

C. shoes

D. short


Jas hujan

A. rain coat

B. tie

C. shoes

D. umbrella


In Indonesia is…

A. selamat datang di kelas tiga

B. selamat datang di kelas empat

C. selamat datang di kelas lima

D. selamat datang di kelas enam


This is a ….

A. Pajamas

B. Blue Dress

C. Pink Dress

D. Shoes


Andi is wearing ….

A. green shoes

B. white t-shirt

C. black pants


What is the correct spelling of ‘Clothes’ in Bahasa Indonesia?

A. Pakai

B. Pakian

C. Pakaian

D. Pakaan


We put on a . . . . in our collar.

A. button

B. tie

C. belt

D. hat


Mupat students will have a flag ceremony on next Monday. Thus, I need to prepare my complete uniform. I also need to wear … because my teacher will check the students’ uniform one by one.

A. a tie

B. a cardigan

C. a vest

D. a belt