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PTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 11


Latihan 20 soal pilihan ganda PTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 11 dan kunci jawaban.

I suggest we discuss the crucial problem……. The underlined word can be replaced by……

A. Risky

B. Critical

C. central

D. current

E. potential


Which words show giving suggestion ?
A. I have just lost my driver license
B. Do you have some ideas
C. You had better tell the securities
D. Don’t be so sad my friends
E. I don’t know


Indra : Can you turn on this electric store, Yuni?

Panji : I’m sorry I don’t know……

A. The way operating it

B. How to operate it

C. what is operated

D. it is operate

E. it is operated


A : What happened to your voice?

B: I have a sore throat. It’s been a week.

A: ……………………………………

The suitable response for the dialgue above is…..

A. I think do more exercise is good for you.

B. Why don’t you go to the drugstore or see the doctor?

C. I think stomachache is painful.

D. I’d like to book a table for you

E. I’d like to speak to Mr. John


Ilham : I can’t get up early in the morning. ………………………..?

Sari : you need to change your sleeping habit. Don’t stay up late anymore.
A. I think you should ask for help

B. Would you like to have dinner with me?

C. Could you please send this letter

D. Can you stay here for a while?

E. what should I do?


Ridho : Are you ok? You look pale. ……………………..

Astrid: Thank you, Ridho. That’s very kind of you.
A. would you like another piece of cake?

B. Is there a drugstore near here?

C. Can you bring me to the hospital?

D. can I get you medicine?

E. what should I do?


Example sentences the giving suggestion, except
A. I advise you to..
B. You should…
C. you ought ..
D. I will
E. you would better…


Fitri : The weather is very hot today.
Agnes : …. I think it can lower our body temperature.

A. What about eating some hot plate food?
B. What about doing some exercise
C. what about going to the beach?
D. what about eating ice cream?
E. what about going to cinema


Woman : Oh, this bag is so heavy that I can hardly lift it.

Man : …..?

Woman : Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

A. Can I make it not heavy?

B. Can you help me?

C. Can you do me a favour?

D. Can I give you a hand?

E. Can you lift it?


A : You seem too busy. May I give you a hand?

B: Oh, no thank you . I can do it myself. The underlined sentence expresses…..
A. offering help

B. asking for help

C. expecting help

D. anticipacing help

E. suggestion


Kim : The books that you bought look very heavy…

Lee : Sure, It’s very kind of you. Thank you, Kim.

A. Would you like me to help you?

B. Would you like to help me?

C. Would you I like to help you?

D. Would you like to bring it for me?

E. Would you like you help me?


Miftah : Well, there is a hot chocolate drink. Shall I help you to some hot chocolate?

Yanuar : Thank you, Miftah. I’ll take by myself.

From the dialogue, we know that……….

A. Yanuar offers help to Miftah

B. Yanuar refuses the offer from Miftah

C. Yanuar is asking for some help

D. Yanuar offers things to miftah

E. Yanuar accepts the offer from Miftah


Daniel : Can I help you carry the bag to your room?

Hasna: No, thank you. I can do it myself .

The underline words show…..

A. asking to do something

B. apologizing for a mistake

C. agreeing with someone’s opinion

D. offering to do something

E. asking suggestion


Nadhil : I recommend you to buy this book. It motivates us to reach our dreams.

Etik : … I already bought it last year. The book is not so good.
A. That sounds good to me

B. Really? Okay, I’ll buy it.

C. I don’t think so

D. I don’t know

E. yes, sure


Irga : Mom, do you mind if I help you cook?

Mother : Of course not. Come and help me.

From the dialoge above we know that……

A. Mother doesn’t like Irga to help her cook

B. Irga ased her mother to help her cook

C. Irga doesn’t like cooking

D. Mother accepted Irga’s offer to help her cook

E. Mother rejected Irga


Tia : It’s so hot here.

Atty : ……………..

A. Would you like me to open the window?

B. Would you like me to close the window?

C. Would I like you to open the window?

D. Would I like you to close the window?

E. Would you like he close the window?


Farah : You look very busy with your book…..

Reidy : sure, If you don’t mind. How kind you are

A. Are you tired?

B. Do you like to help me?

C. can you do me a favour?

D. would you like to help me?

E. can I help you?


Example sentences the asking suggestion, except….
A. Can you tell me what I should do?
B. Do you have any suggestions for me?
C. what would you do?
D. would you mind giving me your suggestion?
E. what is your opinion?


Raisha : I’m little confused about what to choose for the movie we’re going to watch.


Raisha : That’s sound good

A. What about watching the Avengers?

B. Let’s go to the cinema

C. What about XXI

D. What about watching TV

E. How about XXI


Waiters : Would you like a cup of tea?

Costomer : …… I love tea. It’s good for our health.

A. No, thanks

B. I’m sorry

C. I don’t think so

D. sure

E. I don’t like tea