Latihan Soal PTS Semester 1 Ganjil Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6


Boxing artinya …

A. bulu tangkis

B. panahan

C. tolak peluru

D. tinju

this is _______

A. sandwich

B. burger

C. hotdog

D. spaghetti

It’s very hot. The sky is clear. The sun shines brightly. It is …

A. rainy

B. storm

C. cloudy

D. sunny

Shihan : What sport do you like, Royan ?

Royan : ….
A. no, I don’t.

B. I like football

C. That’s great

D. I prefer football to badmintan

On the last holiday,

Koko went . . .
A. Playing game

B. Cycling

C. Fishing

D. Sleeping

Lina : Hi, Mr. Farid, it’s nice to meet you

Farid : …..
A. Good morning!

B. I’am fine, thank you

C. How do you do

D. Nice to meet you to, Lina

Foggy artinya …

A. berkabut

B. dingin

C. panas

D. berawan

would you like some chicken ?


I am ______

A. thirsty

B. hungry

C. angry

D. funny

Wildan : Good morning Missis Novi, how are you ?

Novi : …..
A. Good afternoon Wildan, thank you

B. Good morning Wildan, nice to meet you

C. Good morning, Wildan. I’am very well, thank you

D. See you next time

would you like some juice ?


I am ______

A. hungry

B. angry

C. thirsty

D. funny

Bridge artinya …

A. kartu

B. tinju

C. catur

D. panahan

Autumn artinya …

A. berkabut

B. berawan

C. musim dingin

D. musim gugur

How many seasons are there in Indonesia

A. Two Seasons

B. Four seasons

C. only dry seasons

D. only rainy seasons

Spring artinya ….

A. musim hujan

B. berawan

C. musim semi

D. berkabut

A : Do you like chess ?

B : ….

I prefer playing bridge to chess

A. yes, I like it

B. I don’t think soo

C. yes, I’am

D. No, I don’t

They like . . . on holiday

A. Fishing

B. Cooking

C. Playing football

D. Drawing

This is a game. This is played by two player. It needs a checked board. The game is like twi kingdoms in a strategic battle. It is …

A. futsal

B. pingpong

C. tennis

D. chess

Arfan : Hallo, Wildan! How are you ?

Wildan : …..
A. Hi, Arfan!

B. Hello, Arfan! I’am Ok thanks.

C. I’am so glad to met you!

D. Thank you!

A. order the food

B. read the menu

C. pay the bill

D. eat the food

Weightlifting artinya …

A. kartu

B. panahan

C. angkat besi

D. catur

The meaning of “holiday” in Indonesia is . . .

A. Liburan

B. Berlibur

C. Hiburan

D. Menghibur

It’s is played by two or four player. It need rackets. A player serves a shuttlecock to the other, and he/she must hit it back to the first player. A player gets a point when the other fails to hit the shuttlecock back to him/her. It is …

A. badminton

B. tennis

C. chess

D. basketball

It rains for long time. The sun doesn’t shine. It is wet everywhere. People have umbrella and raincoat in the street. It is ….

A. windy

B. rainy

C. foggy

D. snowy

What do people need for going out in the rainy seasons ?

A. raincoats and umbrella

B. hats

C. car

D. motorcycle

Archery artinya …

A. sepak bola

B. judo

C. panahan

D. basket


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