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Ulangan PAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 Semester 1 Ganjil

Latihan 15 soal pilihan ganda Ulangan PAS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 Semester 1 Ganjil dan kunci jawaban.

… play outside ! It’s raining.

A. Do

B. Don’t

C. Did

D. Is


If you don’t agree with your friend’s idea, you can say …

A. absolutely

B. I agree with you

C. I couldn’t agree more

D. I don’t think so


The English of kue is …

A. bread

B. cake

C. pudding

D. sandwich


Orange juice, tea, milk and coffe are kinds of …

A. food

B. vegetables

C. fruits

D. beverages


When you are hungry you will …

A. eat

B. drink

C. run

D. sleep


I drink water because I am …

A. hungry

B. thirsty

C. sleepy

D. angry


The boys shoots the manggo using a …

A. ball

B. doll

C. slingshot

D. yoyo


Hamburger, pizza, fried rice, and soup are kinds of …

A. drink

B. food

C. clothes

D. fruits


The weather is very cold. I wear a …

A. swimsuit

B. shoes

C. jacket

D. coat


Which one is not a toy?

A. ball

B. doll

C. marble

D. ruler


The following are expressions of giving opinion, except …

A. I think it’s a good t-shirt

B. In my opinion, you look great in that vest

C. What do you think of my skirt?

D. Based on my opinion, the coat is suitable on you


What do people wear to sleep?

A. coat

B. gown

C. swimsuit

D. pyjamas


To play football, we need a …

A. kite

B. marble

C. ball

D. yoyo


What do you need to play skipping?

A. rope

B. marbles

C. yoyo

D. kites


People wear … when it rains.

A. raincoat

B. uniform

C. shirt

D. skirt