Latihan Soal MID Semester Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5


Apakah hobimu?

The English sentence is ….
A. What is their hobby?

B. What is his hobby?

C. What is him hobby?

D. What is your hobby?

What will you do tomorrow afternoon ?

A. I will cook a cake

B. I will play bicycle with my sister

C. I will swim at Ancol

D. I will practice dancing

What hobby does he do?

A. eat fish

B. playing rope

C. playing in the river

D. fishing

A:” Do you like swimming?”

B: “ … “.
A. Yes, I do

B. No, I do

C. Yes, I am

D. Yes, I like

What hobby does she do?

A. playing rope

B. playing rope skipping

C. playing jump

D. do jump

What time is it ?

A. It is a quarter to five

B. It is a quarter past five

C. It is a half past five

D. It is fifteen to five

Mr. Lukman works in a post office. He delivers the letters. He is a….

A. postman

B. policeman

C. barber man

D. fireman

Nila’s father finds fish in the sea. He is a…..

A. fireman

B. fisherman

C. barber man

D. sailor

My hobby is playing football, I need a … for playing it.

A. racket

B. ball

C. stick

D. ring

What is the time ?

A. It is five to three

B. It is five past three

C. It is one to three

D. It is one past three

Anwar : What is your hobby ?

Munji : My hobbies …. swimming and singing a song. My favourite song …. Sirih kuning
A. is, are

B. are, are

C. are, is

D. is, is

Which is the correct question?

A. What hour is it?

B. What time is it?

C. What time it is?

D. What hour it is?

A drivers drive a car.

Artinya ……
A. Seorang pengendara mengendarai mobil

B. Seorang pilot mengendarai pesawat

C. Seorang dokter memeriksa pasien

D. Seorang suster membantu dokter

What hobby does she do?

A. playing ball

B. playing soccer

C. playing basketball

D. doing sport

What are they doing?

A. They are playing basketball

B. They are playing volleyball

C. They are playing football

D. They are playing ball

In Monday morning, we get …. In the school yard.

A. Practicum

B. Sport lesson

C. Flag ceremony

D. Free lesson

I usually … at 05.00 in the morning.

A. sleep

B. get up

C. take a bath

D. have breakfast

Fifteen past eleven is …

a. 11.15

b. 15.11

c. 10.45

d. 11.30

Complete the dialogue below!

Rina : “Do you like swimming?”

Bayu : ”No, …. “

A. I do not

B. I does

C. I do

D. I does not

What is he doing?

A. He is writting

B. He is drawing

C. He is reading

D. He is playing


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