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Bahasa Inggris Chapter 8 SD Kelas 4

Latihan 15 soal pilihan ganda Bahasa Inggris Chapter 8 SD Kelas 4 dan kunci jawaban.

Preview 10 soal pertama:

My ruler is 30 cm long. Joni’s ruler is 25 cm long. Joni’s ruler is …….. than my ruler.

A. Longer

B. Higher

C. Shorter

D. Taller


Mountain is higher than the hill. Hill is …. Than the mountain.

A. Lower

B. Bigger

C. Longer

D. Better


Bono is taller than Dani. Dani is then …. Bono.

A. Shorter

B. Better

C. Worse

D. The best


My grandfather is … than me

A. Older

B. Younger

C. Thinner

D. Fatter


Udin gets 80 in english test, Bagus gets 90 in english test, so Bagus is ………. Than Udin.

A. The most diligent

B. More stupid

C. Lazier

D. Cleverer


people say that I am … than my older brother.

A. more intelligenter

B. more intelligent

C. Intelligenter

D. most intelligent


Apple is ……… Than pineaple

A. Bigger

B. Smaller

C. Biggest

D. Smallest


Heru is … than Doni

A. Taller

B. Shorter

C. Fatter

D. Longer


Bag costs Rp. 50.000. Shoes costs Rp. 60.000. The shoes are … than the Bag.

A. most expensive

B. more expensive

C. cheaper

D. cheapest


I Like roses, they are …….. Than other flowers

A. Beautiful

B. Beautifuller

C. More beautiful

D. The most beautiful