Latihan Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4


“Good Evening” in Indonesia is…

A. selamat malam

B. selamat tidur

C. selamat pagi

D. selamat siang

“Good afternoon” in Indonesia is …

A. selamat siang

B. selamat sore

C. selamat pagi

D. selamat malam

Too much…… is not good for your health.

A. candy

B. ice cream

C. chocolate

D. cheese

We study in the …

A. room

B. classroom

C. house

D. garden

Arya goes to bed in the …

A. aternoon

B. night

C. evening

D. morning

That fish is …. (kekuning-kuningan)

A. reddish

B. blackish

C. yellowish

D. greenish

it is a …

A. knife

B. plate

C. spoon

D. fork

This elephant is …. (Abu-abu)

A. puple

B. violet

C. gray

D. black

The meaning of “office” is …

A. sekolah

B. kantor

C. taman

D. rumah

This Spinach is … (Hijau Tua)

A. dark red

B. dark blue

C. dark brown

D. dark green

d – a – d – m – i – y

The correct word is…
A. midday

B. afternoon

C. morning

D. night

A :”……. Do you want to drink?”

B :”I want to drink a cup of tea.”
A. what

B. where

C. when

D. why

The meaning of “Brown” is …

A. putih

B. merah

C. coklat

D. hitam

A :”Do you like to eat……?”

B :”Yes, I do.”
A. pizza

B. hamburger

C. sandwich

D. bread

“Student” in Indonesia is …

A. guru

B. murid

C. dokter

D. teman

My father has a new…..

A. scarf

B. belt

C. tie

D. sock

it is a ….

A. doll

B. marble

C. ball

D. kite

Sina uses a … to sweep the floor

A. ashtray

B. duster

C. pail

D. broom

The meaning of “How are you?” is …

A. bagaimana kabarmu?

B. apakah dia baik-baik saja?

C. kemana kamu akan pergi?

D. selamat tinggal

k – a – d – r – r – e – g – n – e

The correct word is …
A. light green

B. dark green

C. dark red

D. light brown

My mother buys…… to the bakery.

A. food

B. meat

C. bread

D. rice

it is a …

A. cup

B. napkin

C. glass

D. bowl

“Good Night” in Indonesia is …

A. selamat malam

B. selamat siang

C. selamat pagi

D. selamat sore

The meaning of “midday” is …

A. pagi hari

B. siang hari

C. sore hari

D. tengah hari

we use a … when taking a bath

A. handkerchief

B. water scoop

C. rubber eraser

D. comb


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