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Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 Ganjil SD Kelas 5

Latihan 12 soal pilihan ganda Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 Ganjil SD Kelas 5 dan kunci jawaban.

It’s used to help people see better. What is it?

A. Scissors

B. Pen

C. Glasses

D. Radios


Where do you find them?

A. At the bank

B. At the zoo

C. At the hospital

D. At the school


Is Dani happy?

A. No, she’s not. She is sad.

B. No, she’s not. She is happy.

C. Yes, she is happy.

D. Yes, she is not. She is sad.


It’s for taking pictures. What is it?

A. Camera

B. Foto

C. Chair

D. Pens


Cika: “Can I join the game?”

Kirana: “…………………..”

Cika: “Thanks”

A. Yes, sure.

B. No, thank you.

C. Sorry, you can’t.

D. Yes, you can’t.


Choose the correct verb!

Yuliana go to the market.
A. Yuliana goes to the market.

B. Yuliana go to the market.

C. Yuliana going to the market.

D. Yuliana go the market


You meet with your favorite football player at the mall. You really want to take a picture of him. What do you say to ask for his permission?

A. Let’s take a picture!

B. Excuse me may I take a picture of you?

C. You are my favorite player.

D. Let’s play football together!


Mr Agus is a teacher. Where does he work?

A. At the post office

B. At the book store

C. At the school

D. At the restaurant


Make a sentence using the picture given!

A. I play piano.

B. I play guitar.

C. I play basketball.

D. I play video game.


Where can I borrow books?

A. In a bank

B. In a market

C. In a library

D. In a book store


What is it for?

A. It’s for writing on a paper.

B. It’s for seeing better.

C. It’s for cutting paper or other things.

D. It’s for sitting on.


Choose the correct words!

A. Over X Under

B. Hot X Low

C. Tall X Closed

D. Long X Full