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Pre Test Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6

Latihan soal pilihan ganda Pre Test Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6 dan kunci jawaban.

My father is a …. He can fly an airplane.

A. carpenter

B. teacher

C. pilot

D. engineer


Sinta takes a glass of water. She is…

A. thirsty

B. sad

C. happy

D. angry


The meaning of “holiday” in Indonesia is . . .

A. Liburan

B. Berlibur

C. Hiburan

D. Menghibur


Look at the picture! It is . . .

A. Skateboard

B. Roller skate

C. Chess

D. Monopoly


Rani : “Can you give me a candy?”

Maya : “…., of course.”
A. Yes

B. No

C. Please

D. Don’t


Dwi sakit kepala

The English sentence is ….
A. Dwi has toothache

B. Dwi has earache

C. Dwi has stomachahe

D. Dwi has headache


My mother wears a …. on her finger.

A. necklace

B. ring

C. hair band

D. hat


Tomorrow I will go to Jakarta. I will take a …. from station.

A. train

B. bus

C. airplane

D. ship


Yola and Angga … playing in the school yard now.

A. Have

B. Is

C. Am

D. Are


want – see – I – to – movie – cinema – the – a – in.

A. I want to see a movie in the cinema

B. I see want a cinema in the movie

C. I want to see cinema in a movie

D. I want a cinema to see in the movie


feel – never – I – afraid

A. I never feel afraid

B. feel afraid I never

C. I feel afraid never

D. I afraid never feel


On the last holiday,

Koko went . . .
A. Playing game

B. Cycling

C. Fishing

D. Sleeping


Look at the picture! It is a . . .

A. Billiard

B. Table tennis

C. Golf

D. Softball


I have …. every morning before going to school.

A. lunch

B. dinner

C. hungry

D. breakfast


Look at the picture! It is a . . .

A. Volleyball

B. Jogging

C. Tennis

D. Badminton


He likes . . . on holiday

A. Cycling

B. Painting

C. Reading

D. Cooking


A :”It is rains outside. Could you lend me your……, please?”

B :”Sure, here it is!”
A. bag

B. t-shirt

C. jacket

D. umbrella


What do you like?

I like . . .
A. Tennis

B. Basketball

C. Football

D. Volleyball


The meaning of “taman kota” in English is . . .

A. City park

B. Forest

C. Lake

D. Beach


They are played . . . On the holiday

A. Skate boarding

B. Softball

C. Bowling

D. Fishing


Diana … baking some cakes in the kitchen now.

A. Am

B. Are

C. Is

D. Has


If you want to save your money, you have to go to a ….

A. post office

B. hospital

C. bank

D. market


A :”Is your father angry?”

B :”…..”
A. yes, you is

B. no, is he not

C. no, he is

D. yes, he is


Mr. sanjaya is my father. He is a farmer. He works in a ….

A. post office

B. rice field

C. school

D. hospital


I went to the . . . Last holiday

A. Beach

B. Zoo

C. Mountain

D. River


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