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Should - Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10

Latihan 23 soal pilihan ganda Should - Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10 dan kunci jawaban.

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I didn’t dine last night. Now, I’m hungry.

A. you should be having your dinner now

B. you should have your dinner this morning

C. you should have your dinner on time last night

D. I recommend you to dine now

E. You had better have your dinner last night


It’s very hot here.

A. You shouldn’t eat ice cream

B. You should wear boots.

C. You should open the window

D. You should take your umbrella.

E. You should wear your jacket


The following are NOT included as advice …

A. I think you should stay at home.

B. If I were you I would stay at home.

C. You’d better take another street.

D. You should not go through that way.

E. Do not go outside.


He’s fifteen years old.

A. He should be at senior high school

B. He should watch movies

C. He should get a driving licence.

D. He should go to bed late.

E. He should smoke a cigarette


The road is icy.

A. You should drink your coffee carefully.

B. You should drive carefully.

C. You should drive fast.

D. You should visit your family.

E. You should buy an ice cream


Pay attention to the following dialogue.

A : What should we do when an earthquake occurs?

B : You should be calm….

The underlined sentence can be replaced by the other advices. The following are advices can be used to replace the sentence,


I want to go to the cinema but it’s raining.

A. You should find something to do at home.

B. You should go out with your friends.

C. You shouldn’t draw pictures on the wall.

D. You shouldn’t speak louder.

E. You should open your window up


I want to buy a bike but I don’t have money.

A. You should save money.

B. You should ask your parents to buy a new one for you.

C. You shouldn’t keep it in the garage.

D. You shouldn’t ride on the main road.

E. You should take my money


Applications should be sent before the 30th.

what is the social function of should above?

A. To give advice, a recommendation or a suggestion

B. To express that a situation is likely in the present or in the future. This is a type of expectation or prediction.

C. Expresses an obligation that is not as strong as Must.

D. Something was expected in the past but it didn’t happen

E. Not fulfilling an obligation


It is very cold outside.

A. You should wear your boots.

B. You should open the window.

C. You should swim in the lake.

D. You should stay out.

E. You should take your over coat off