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Latihan Soal MID Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9


Choose the countable noun…
A. music
B. student
C. food
D. sugar

A. Happy Wedding!

B. Happy Birthday

C. Congratulations on your success

D. Excellent

He studied hard ________ he could pass the test.

A. so that

B. in order to

I went to the post office ________ buy some stamps.

A. so that

B. in order to

What is the purpose of narrative text?

A. To describe particular thing

B. To entertain the reader

C. To tell the past event

D. To notice someone

How many grams of fiber are in 2tbsp?
A. 7g
B. 3.5g
C. 2g
D. 170mg

They …………………. (drive) to work right now.

A. is driving

B. aren’t driving

C. are driving

D. driving

There are … people waiting outside the theater.
a) many
b) much

The following generic structures of procedure text are ….

A. Goals, Material, Ingredients

B. materials, goal, steps

C. goal, receipe, steps

D. receipe, ingredients, goal

E. goal, materials, steps

Choose the uncountable noun…
A. mango
B. tree
C. tomato
D. milk


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