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Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5

Latihan 72 soal pilihan ganda Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 dan kunci jawaban.

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The correct arrangement is….

A. Fallwater

B. Waterfall

C. Watrefall

D. Waterflal


Last holiday i want to klayar …. with my family

A. Ocean

B. River

C. Lake

D. Beach


Mr Adi is a pilot. He flies a ….

a. bus

b. plane

c. train

d. pedicap


Ronal : Cindy, this is my sister Nita. Anita this is Cindy.

Cindy : How do you do?

Nita : How do you do?

What does Ronal do?

a. He introduces himself.

b. He introduces his sister.

c. He greets Nita

d. He meets Cindy.


Deni : Hi, My name is Deni . What is your name?

Omi : Hi, I’m Omi. Are you … ?

Deni : Yes. I just moved from Bandar Lampung. I’m in I B, and you?

Omi : Me too.

a. new teacher

b. a teacher

c. new student

d. a librarian


Kepala dalam bahasa inggris

A. Head

B. Lips

C. Hand

D. Ear


Hanna : …. Rani?

Rani : I go to SMP Nusa Bangsa.

a. How do you go to school

b. How did you go to school

c.Where do you go to school

d. Where did you go to school


A quarter is….

A. 60 minutes

B. 30 minutes

C. 15 minutes

D. 45 minutes


My Father teaches english in SDN Bungurasih. My Father is a….

a. doctor

b. enginer

c. teacher

d. fisherman


Nose, eye and ear are part of our ….

A. body

B. stomach

C. leg

D. head