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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5


Kepala dalam bahasa inggris

A. Head

B. Lips

C. Hand

D. Ear

What is your hobby?

A. I like swimming

B. I like playing basketball

C. I like playing tennis

D. I like cooking

Teacher : Good morning everybody. Is anybody absent today

Students : …. Miss. Nobody is absent, Miss.

a.Good evening.

b. Good night.

c. Good afternoon

d. Good morning

She is a…

A. Dentist

B. Doctor

C. Nurse

D. Scientist

How old is she? (13)

I am….

A. Thirty three

B. Thirty one

C. Thirty

D. Thirteen

What is he doing?

He is…

A. Playing the drums

B. Playing the guitar

C. Playing the piano

D. Playing the Saxophone

A; “Is that alibrary?”

B: “No that is a…”

A. Museum

B. Market

C. Park

D. Zoo

What part of the body is it ?

A. leg

B. head

C. hand

D. stomach

Hanna : …. Rani?

Rani : I go to SMP Nusa Bangsa.

a. How do you go to school

b. How did you go to school

c.Where do you go to school

d. Where did you go to school

Ronal : Cindy, this is my sister Nita. Anita this is Cindy.

Cindy : How do you do?

Nita : How do you do?

What does Ronal do?

a. He introduces himself.

b. He introduces his sister.

c. He greets Nita

d. He meets Cindy.


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