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Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5

Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5.

What grade is she in?

A. She is six years old

B. She has six books

C. She is in sixth grade

D. She likes number six


Barber in Indonesia means …..

A. Tukang batu

B. Tukang cukur

C. Tukang kayu

D. Tukang masak


My father is a…

A. Dentist

B. Doctor

C. Nurse

D. Scientist


Nose, eye and ear are part of our ….

A. body

B. stomach

C. leg

D. head


Hanna : …. Rani?

Rani : I go to SMP Nusa Bangsa.

a. How do you go to school

b. How did you go to school

c.Where do you go to school

d. Where did you go to school


Susunan kata yg tepat adalah…..

Drives – a – car – driver – a
A. Driver a drives a car

B. A car drives a drivr

C. A drives Drive a car

D. A driver drives a car


150 in English is….

A. one hundred

B. one hundred and fifty

C. one hundred and five hundred

D. fifteen hundred


What is she doing?

She is…

A. Playing the Saxophone

B. Playing the drums

C. Playing the guitar

D. Playing the piano


CANDI In english is….

A. Park

B. Museum

C. House

D. Temple


this is the picture of….

A. money

B. paper

C. shopping list

D. shopping bill


Lita buys flower in the florist.

Florist in Indonesian is….
A. toko sayuran

B. toko bunga

C. toko buah

D. toko pakaian


Bobi : (bolehkah)… I go to the restroom sir?

Teacher : sure.
A. Can

B. Could

C. May

D. Maybe


Fendi ingin menjadi seorang pemusik.

Pemusik in English is…
A. football player

B. musician

C. farmer

D. bricklayer


What is he doing?

He is…

A. Playing the drums

B. Playing the guitar

C. Playing the piano

D. Playing the Saxophone


Andi : (bisakah) … I sit here bob?

Bobi : sure
A. Can

B. Could

C. Do

D. Does


She is a…

A. Scientist

B. Dentist

C. Doctor

D. Nurse


is – this – fingers – my. The correct order is ….

A. Is this my fingers

B. This is fingers my

C. This is my fingers

D. Fingers my is thi


Deni : Hi, My name is Deni . What is your name?

Omi : Hi, I’m Omi. Are you … ?

Deni : Yes. I just moved from Bandar Lampung. I’m in I B, and you?

Omi : Me too.

a. new teacher

b. a teacher

c. new student

d. a librarian


Last holiday i want to klayar …. with my family

A. Ocean

B. River

C. Lake

D. Beach


She is a…

A. Dentist

B. Doctor

C. Nurse

D. Scientist


I like …. in the morning

A. boxing

B. football

C. chess

D. running


My Father teaches english in SDN Bungurasih. My Father is a….

a. doctor

b. enginer

c. teacher

d. fisherman


Arif’s Mother is a …. She helps doctor. And she works at hospital

A. Nurse

B. Doctor

C. Teacher

D. Dentist


My brother likes to make an animation. So, he wants to be an….

A. Fashion designer

B. Scientist

C. Chef

D. Animator


It is 12 o’clok

A. Pukul 12 lewat 10 menit

B. Pukul 12 kurang 0 menit

C. Pukul 12 tepat

D. Pukul 12 lebih 0 menit


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