Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5


He is a…

A. Nurse

B. Doctor

C. Animator

D. Musician

Fendi ingin menjadi seorang pemusik.

Pemusik in English is…
A. football player

B. musician

C. farmer

D. bricklayer

is – this – fingers – my. The correct order is ….

A. Is this my fingers

B. This is fingers my

C. This is my fingers

D. Fingers my is thi

She ….. play baseball . Penggunaan kata yang bermakna suka yang tepat adalah …

A. like

B. likes

C. don’t like

D. doesn’t like

…. divided by eight is seven.

A. sixty four

B. twenty four

C. sixty four

D. fifty six

Hanna : …. Rani?

Rani : I go to SMP Nusa Bangsa.

a. How do you go to school

b. How did you go to school

c.Where do you go to school

d. Where did you go to school

Barber in Indonesia means …..

A. Tukang batu

B. Tukang cukur

C. Tukang kayu

D. Tukang masak

A :”What is he?”

B :”He is a…..”
A. postman

B. policeman

C. fireman

D. pilot

Andi’s hobby is …

a. drawing

b. singing

c. playing chess

d. reading

Last holiday i want to klayar …. with my family

A. Ocean

B. River

C. Lake

D. Beach

What do you want tobe in the future?

I want to be a….

A. Scientist

B. Nurse

C. Chef

D. Dentist

Agus sleeps in the … every day

A. bedroom

B. bathroom

C. kitchen

D. livingroom

Nila’s father finds fish in the sea. He is a…..

A. fireman

B. fisherman

C. barber man

D. sailor

It is 12 o’clok

A. Pukul 12 lewat 10 menit

B. Pukul 12 kurang 0 menit

C. Pukul 12 tepat

D. Pukul 12 lebih 0 menit

Deni : Hi, My name is Deni . What is your name?

Omi : Hi, I’m Omi. Are you … ?

Deni : Yes. I just moved from Bandar Lampung. I’m in I B, and you?

Omi : Me too.

a. new teacher

b. a teacher

c. new student

d. a librarian

Lisa wants to buy books. She goes to the…

A. stationery store

B. bookstore

C. fruit stall

D. supermarket

Teacher : Good morning everybody. Is anybody absent today

Students : …. Miss. Nobody is absent, Miss.

a.Good evening.

b. Good night.

c. Good afternoon

d. Good morning

Ronal : Cindy, this is my sister Nita. Anita this is Cindy.

Cindy : How do you do?

Nita : How do you do?

What does Ronal do?

a. He introduces himself.

b. He introduces his sister.

c. He greets Nita

d. He meets Cindy.

I like to visit”Borobudur”….

A. Museum

B. Beach

C. Temple

D. Lake

Don’t go …… . it is raining.

A. boxing

B. football

C. chess

D. cycling

My Father teaches english in SDN Bungurasih. My Father is a….

a. doctor

b. enginer

c. teacher

d. fisherman

A :”What number is that?”

B :”That is……”
A. one

B. one hundred

C. one thousand

D. ten

There are three … on the field.





Dian : (siapakah) … Is she?

Diandra : she is my aunt
A. Where

B. Why

C. Who

D. What

Mr Adi is a pilot. He flies a ….

a. bus

b. plane

c. train

d. pedicap


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