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Latihan Soal: Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5


We can see many animals in the….
A.     Jungle
B.     Park
C.     Zoo
D.     Waterfall

is – this – fingers – my. The correct order is ….

A. Is this my fingers

B. This is fingers my

C. This is my fingers

D. Fingers my is thi

A quarter is….

A. 60 minutes

B. 30 minutes

C. 15 minutes

D. 45 minutes

A; “Is that alibrary?”
B: “No that is a…”

A.     Museum
B.     Market
C.     Park
D.     Zoo

Nose, eye and ear are part of our ….

A. body

B. stomach

C. leg

D. head

Last holiday i want to klayar …. with my family
A.     Ocean
B.     River
C.     Lake
D.     Beach

My Father teaches english in SDN Bungurasih. My Father is a….

a. doctor

b. enginer

c. teacher

d. fisherman

I like to visit”Borobudur”….

A. Museum

B. Beach

C. Temple

D. Lake

Kepala dalam bahasa inggris

A. Head

B. Lips

C. Hand

D. Ear

Hanna : …. Rani?

Rani : I go to SMP Nusa Bangsa.

a. How do you go to school

b. How did you go to school

c.Where do you go to school

d. Where did you go to school


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