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Kuis Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8

Latihan soal pilihan ganda Kuis Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 dan kunci jawaban.

Alfikar: …………

Annisa: I think that book is not interesting. It is really boring.

What is the suitable expression?

A. What do you think about this book?

B. Are you with me?

C. What do you feel about this classroom?

D. Do you understand what i mean?


Monkey is not ……. ugly animal.

A. An

B. A

C. It

D. Its


Your ugly boyfriend …………. not care about you.

A. Do

B. Does

C. Is

D. Are



A. Bosan

B. Tertarik

C. Menarik

D. Membosankan


” what do you feel about this room? ”

What is the purpose of the expression?

A. To get attention

B. To ask opinion

C. To give opinion

D. To show appreciation


Aku fikir, kelelawar adalah seekor hewan yang menarik.

A. I think, bat is an animal interesting

B. I think, bat is a interesting animal

C. I think, bat is a animal interesting

D. I think, bat is an interesting animal.


Which expression is used to get attention?

A. Do you know what I am saying?

B. Excuse me, may I talk to you?

C. Oh my god, I think you are annoying.

D. With me so far?



A. Mengulang

B. Kotor

C. Menyiapkan

D. Peduli



A. Care

B. Think

C. Feel

D. Need


Genta is ………. handsome guy.

A. A

B. An

C. Him

D. His



A. Melihat

B. Mengulang

C. Menyiapkan

D. Membosankan


I think anisa is an irresponsible woman. She doesn not care about ………. Family

A. Her

B. His

C. She

D. Him


Which sentence is correct?

A. Do you ready to lose?

B. Does anita call you?

C. We does not use our phone

D. She do not care about him


” do you understand what I am talking about? ”

What expression is it?

A. Asking for an attention

B. Asking for an opinion

C. Checking understanding

D. Showing appreciation


” Excellent, your painting is awesome. You deserve to win. ”

What is the purpose of the expression?

A. To ask opinion

B. To get attention

C. To show appreciation

D. To give an opinion


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