Latihan Soal MID Semester Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6


the picture means that we can not………….

A. not stop here

B. stop here

C. not park here

D. park here

The opposite of north is . . .

A. west

B. east

C. south

D. northwest


A. Tenggara

B. Timur Laut

C. Barat Daya

D. Barat Laut

My mother _____ a nurse
A. are
B. am
C. is
D. ‘re

Mr. Iwan is old.

The antonym of “old” is ……
A. young

B. short

C. handsome

D. tall

My mum and my dad …….. at work
A. is
B. are
C. be
D. am

Look at the picture above! Doni is…, but Tio is weak.

A. long

B. soft

C. strong

D. clean


A. Perempatan

B. Pertigaan

C. Belok kanan

D. Belok kiri

To which direction should I go?

A. Go straight ahead

B. Turn right

C. Turn left

D. Cross


A. dirty

B. old

C. fat

Where is the red cabin?

A. It’s opposite the blue one

B. It’s between the yellow and the blue one

C. It’s far from the blue one

D. It’s behind to the blue one

To which direction should I go?

A. Turn right

B. Turn Left

C. Go straight ahead

D. Cross the street

She has a …… hair!

A. Straight

B. Curly

C. bald

D. wavy

Where is the cat?

A. among the chair

B. on the chair

C. across the chair

D. next to the chair

Look at the picture above! The pencil is…, but the ruler is long.

A. expensive

B. short

C. big

D. fast

Sorry, you can’t borrow my pencil. I ….it myself.
A. used
B. was using
C. am using
D. using


A. Di samping

B. Di depan

C. Di tengah

D. Di belakang


A. Utara

B. Selatan

C. Barat

D. Timur

Ruler A is … ruler B

A. as long as

B. longer

C. longest

D. shorter

The teacher stands _________ the classroom.

a. behind

b. in front of

c. between

d. opposite

He is

A. small

B. short

C. tall

I am facing to northeast, my back facing to…….

A. southeast

B. southwest

C. northwest

D. northeast

Umar adalah murid yang paling rajin.

Umar is the … student
A. dilligent

B. more dilligent

C. most dilligent

D. like dilligent

look at the picture!

the police station is ………………. bank and store
A. near

B. between

C. in front of

D. beside


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