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PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7

Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7.

Seli is Mr. Rosi’s…….

A. Son

B. Daughter

C. Sister

D. Aunt


The day after Wednesday is…

A. Thursday

B. Sunday

C. Monday

D. Friday


The Indonesian Independence Day is on…

A. the sixth of June

B. the twenty first of April

C. the seventeenth of August

D. the second of May


The day Before Wednesday ?

A. Thursday

B. Wednesday

C. Tuesday

D. Saturday


It is…

A. A quarter past nine

B. Fifteen to nine

C. A half past nine

D. Fifteen nine


A. It’s ten past ten.
B. It’s ten to ten.
C. It’s two past ten.
D. It’s ten past eleven.


08 – 03 – 1981 (D – M – Y)

A. The third of August, ninety eighty one

B. The eighth of March, ninety eighty one

C. The third of August, nineteen eighty one

D. The eighth of March, nineteen eighty one


Choose the best answer to complete the senteces!

Dedi: Good morning, Adit!

Adit: ……………………………….

A. And you?

B. Good Bye

C. Are you joking?

D. Good morning, Dedi


Mam : It’s 9 o’clock. It’s time to go bed. Good night darling.

Handy : ………….Mum
A. I love you too

B. Good evening

C. I’m very well

D. Good night


Today is Saturday. Tomorrow will be…

A. Sunday

B. Monday

C. Tuesday

D. Wednesday


There are….days in a week.

A. six

B. seven

C. eight

D. twelve


The fifth month of the year is..

A. April

B. May

C. June

D. July


Our independence day is on….

A. August 17th

B. April 21st

C. January 1st

D. November 10th


All people in the world celebrate New Years on …

A. December 20th

B. August 17th

C. July 1st

D. January 1st


Jane was born on….( 7 January)

A. January of seven

B. The seventh of january

C. January of seventh

D. The seventh January


Sulaiman : Hi, hani. How are you?

Hani : ….., And you?

Sulaiman : I’m ok

A. How do you do?

B. Fine, Thanks

C. Goodbye

D. Yes, I am



It is…
A. Half one past

B. Past one half

C. One past half

D. Half past one


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