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Latihan Soal PTS Semester 1 Ganjil Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8


Mira : . . .

Amir : You should wear your hat and scarf

What does Mira probably say?

A. The baby is sleeping

B. I can hear what you say

C. It’s a really dark night

D. It’s very cold outside

Joe : can you swim?

Key : . . . .I’m afraid of drowning
A. Yes, I can

B. No, I can’t

C. Of course

D. Definitely

Santi: ………., Sir. May I wash my hands?

Tino: Sure
A. Excuse me

B. Attention please

C. Look at me please

D. Hey!

Teacher : . . . . Are we all ready to learn English?

Students : Yes, Ma’am
A. Do you understand

B. What do you think

C. I think so

D. Attention, please

I . . . speak Korean very well, but I . . . ask for someone’s name and age

A. Can’t – can

B. can – can’t

C. Will – won’t

D. won’t – will

Vino: Look at this, my uncle give me a new bag.

Vivin: …………. It is suitable for you.
A. It is easy

B. He is very nice

C. I think so

D. It is nice

Jono: What do you think of our English teacher?

Dio: …………….. I like her very much.
A. She is our teacher

B. She is great

C. I think is easy

D. I don’t know

I . . . reward him for his bravery

A. Will

B. can

C. Will not

D. can not

Ani: You must count it first ……….?

Bono: Yes, thank you.
A. Can you hear me

B. Do you understand

C. What did you say

D. Are you okay

Ana: You had read the novel. Do you understand the story?

Bono: Yes, I do. The story is exciting.

The underlined sentence is an expression of

A. Getting attention

B. Asking opinion

C. Showing appreciation

D. Checking someone’s understanding


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