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Latihan Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10


Yelanda loves reading novels. … novels are up to date series.

A. She

B. Him

C. They

D. Her

E. He

Bdrys : Do you see Agustina Mega?

Owin : Yes. … sits on a black chair in that waiting room.

A. I

B. They

C. Her

D. She

E. He

Salsa : Is Harmony a young handsome boy?

Wulan : That’s true. … graduated from SMPN 1 Makale.
A. It

B. He

C. Him

D. I

E. She

Boby : Did you make your congratulation card?

Ludia : Yes. Here it is.

Boby : That’s wonderful card.

Ludia : Thank you for saying so.

The underlined phrase is an expression of ….

A. congratulating

B. interjecting

C. happiness

D. appointment

E. compliment

Isn’t it … the way life works?

A. terrible

B. ugly

C. narrow

D. usual

E. incredible

We collect the pens together around the region. It means, the pens are ….

A. us

B. ours

C. our

D. they

E. mine

Ludia : When I visit school library, I found a brown wallet. Then, I gave … to a school security.

A. me

B. it

C. its

D. you

E. my

You planted the mango tree. So, it is ….

A. I

B. Me

C. You

D. Yours

E. Your

Based on the information in the card, we can conclude that Rina and Rudi ….

A. are falling in love

B. breed pigeons

C. have just married

D. having a child

E. are marrying their pigeons

I and my big family … going to spend weekend in Bali next week.

A. is

B. will

C. was

D. am

E. are


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