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Fadhil : Hi. How do you do? I’m Fadhil Ahmad Palangiran

Rianti : Hi. How do you do? My name is Rianti Tulak Ting Ting

Based on the dialog, we can conclude that both Fadhil and Rianti ….

A. are new students

B. are couple

C. introduce themselves

D. say hello

E. want to know each other


Yelanda loves reading novels. … novels are up to date series.

A. She

B. Him

C. They

D. Her

E. He


Boby : Did you make your congratulation card?

Ludia : Yes. Here it is.

Boby : That’s wonderful card.

Ludia : Thank you for saying so.

The underlined phrase is an expression of ….

A. congratulating

B. interjecting

C. happiness

D. appointment

E. compliment


Ludia : When I visit school library, I found a brown wallet. Then, I gave … to a school security.

A. me

B. it

C. its

D. you

E. my


Delvin : I am proud of you, Eka. Now, that you are the first rank of our class.

What does Delvin express to Eka?
A. Happiness

B. Opinion

C. Argument

D. Congratulating

E. Introduction


… always study at home during corona virus pandemic.

A. I

B. Me

C. My

D. Mine

E. He


Excel : I met Antika two days ago in Rembon. I gave … a bar of chocolate.

A. she

B. me

C. them

D. us

E. her


I bought all these books. The books are ….

A. my

B. me

C. mine

D. theirs

E. ours


Teacher : What is your name?

Nur : My name is Nurfadilla. That’s N-U-R-F-A-D-I-L-L-A

Teacher : Thank you.

The underlined word means….

A. Nurfadilla spells letter

B. Nurfadilla learns to say her name

C. Nurfadilla remembers her name

D. Nurfadilla spells capital letters

E. Nurfadilla spells her name


You planted the mango tree. So, it is ….

A. I

B. Me

C. You

D. Yours

E. Your


Salsa : Is Harmony a young handsome boy?

Wulan : That’s true. … graduated from SMPN 1 Makale.
A. It

B. He

C. Him

D. I

E. She


We collect the pens together around the region. It means, the pens are ….

A. us

B. ours

C. our

D. they

E. mine


Enjel and Julya are smart girls. … are X IBB students.

A. She

B. Them

C. They

D. Their

E. Her


Arlen told me that she had many friends, but she is no longer keep in touch with ….

A. their

B. them

C. theirs

D. Us

E. He


25 December is Christmas Day. I … it.

A. is going to celebrate

B. was going to celebrate

C. are going to celebrate

D. am going to celebrating

E. am going to celebrate


Revilla : You are so beautiful with your white gown.

Eunike : ….
A. What?

B. I’m glad you say like that.

C. I don’t know

D. Are you serious?

E. Are you kidding?


Bdrys : Do you see Agustina Mega?

Owin : Yes. … sits on a black chair in that waiting room.

A. I

B. They

C. Her

D. She

E. He


According to Exel, he will… in SMAN 5 Tana Toraja for the next three years.

A. studying

B. studied

C. study

D. studies

E. be studied


I and my big family … going to spend weekend in Bali next week.

A. is

B. will

C. was

D. am

E. are


Based on the information in the card, we can conclude that Rina and Rudi ….

A. are falling in love

B. breed pigeons

C. have just married

D. having a child

E. are marrying their pigeons


Pango-Pango is a wonderful natural tourism site. Would you like … there?

A. to

B. to go

C. to going

D. to went

E. to gone


Orvin : Now days, corona virus are spreading fast and wide. … must keep our body and our life healthy.

A. Us

B. His

C. Them

D. We

E. Her


Isn’t it … the way life works?

A. terrible

B. ugly

C. narrow

D. usual

E. incredible


Revilla Soje’ … keep social distancing this month.

A. are going to

B. am going to

C. was going to

D. is going to

E. were going to


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