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Latihan Soal Self Introduction - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7


I’m so ……………. that I have just won the English Debate contest.

A. Thankful

B. Sad

C. Disappointed

D. Mad

Complete the dialogue below!

Tata is a new member of Teratai English Club. She introduced herself.

Tata: Ladies and gentlemen …

A. Allow me to introduce myself.

B. I am happy to meet you.

C. Let me introduce you to the audiences.

D. May I introduce you to the audiences.

Surya : I do apologize Sir, I couldn’t fix it. I have done my best.

Mr. Joe : ……………….. . Thanks for your help.

A. That’s alright

B. Really?

C. Don’t do that again

D. It’s really a problem for me

Complete the following dialogue!

Budi: Who are you, friend?

Badu: ……..

A. I live in Pandan

B. I’m fourteen years old

C. Don’t you recognize me? I am Badu. Budi?

D. My hobby is fishing.

Fahri : Hi, Dimas, how are you?

Dimas : ….. and you?

Fahri : I’m ok.

A. How do you do?

B. Fine, thanks.

C. Good bay.

D. Yes, I am

Weni : Do you go jogging ? It’s good for your health, you know.

Puti : I know, but I don’t have a friend to go jogging with.

Weni : Why don’t you join me tomorrow ?

Does Puti Go Jogging ?

A. Yes, she does

B. No, she doesn’t

C. She usually does

D. She certainly does

Complete the dialogue!

Ega was at a party. There were a lot of guests there that Ega didn’t know.

Ega: Excuse me, My name is Ega Rustandi.

Guest: Hello, Ega. I’m John. How do you do?

John: ………………………

A. Nice to see you.

B. How do you do?

C. Fine, thanks

D. I’m glad to know you.

Complete the dialogue below!

Wendy : Hello Adam,how are you doing?

Adam : “…

Wendy : I‘m all right.

a. I am fine, thanks

b. I am good, and you?

c. Great, thanks

d. Am I sick?

Diana: “………………….., Dad. I forget to feed Katty.”

Mr. Peter: “How could you forget? Oh, Okay. Never mind. But next time don forget it.”

Why does Diana apologize to Mr. Peter?


A. Because she forgot to go by feet

B. Because she forgot to say thanks to his friend

C. Because she was very busy

D. Because shr forgot to feed her cat

You meet a friend on the way to school. What do you say?

A. Good morning

B. Good evening

C. Good night

D. Good bye


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