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Latihan Soal Self Introduction - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7


Rifirza is happy when … meets his old friend

A. Him

B. Her

C. She

D. He

E. His

Selly : Where is the biology book?

Librarian : It’s over there

Selly : ……………..

A. It’s okay

B. Thank you

C. Never mind

D. You’re welcome

You meet a friend on the way to school. What do you say?

A. Good morning

B. Good evening

C. Good night

D. Good bye

The following expressions are kind of greetings,except!

A. Hello, Vany

B. Goodbye Ardi

C. Good morning everyone

D. Good afternoon Mom

The following are expressing to ask for opinion, except ,,,,,,,…..

A. Do I look good in this?

B. What do you mean by this?

C. What do you think about this?

D. Does this suit me?

Olive : Good afternoon, Irwan. How are you?

Irwan : Afternoon, Olive. ………………

Olive : I’m not sure that you’re just fine. You look so pale.

Irwan : Hmmm, I’ve got a serve headache actually.

Olive : Let me take you to the doctor, then

A. I’m sick

B. It’s just good

C. I’m fine thank you

D. Sounds good actually

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is rabbit. Rabbit has two long ears. Its eyes are big and black, but when it is dark its eyes are red. It has two long teeth. Its nose is small and soft pink.

Its tail is soft, round and small like a cotton ball. Its legs are small. It doesn’t walk, it jumps. It is vegetarian and its favorite food are carrots. Rabbits are very cute.

How many ears does the rabbit have?

A. Two ears

B. Four ears

C. Three ears

D. Five ears

Complete the dialogue below!

Tata is a new member of Teratai English Club. She introduced herself.

Tata: Ladies and gentlemen …

A. Allow me to introduce myself.

B. I am happy to meet you.

C. Let me introduce you to the audiences.

D. May I introduce you to the audiences.

Weni : Do you go jogging ? It’s good for your health, you know.

Puti : I know, but I don’t have a friend to go jogging with.

Weni : Why don’t you join me tomorrow ?

Does Puti Go Jogging ?

A. Yes, she does

B. No, she doesn’t

C. She usually does

D. She certainly does

Complete the following dialogue!

Budi: Who are you, friend?

Badu: ……..

A. I live in Pandan

B. I’m fourteen years old

C. Don’t you recognize me? I am Badu. Budi?

D. My hobby is fishing.


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