Latihan Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Semester Ganjil SD Kelas 2


We like cake, but we don’t like …

A. milk

B. apples

C. bananas

How many people do we need to play Serundeng Kacang Tanah?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5

“Biru” in English is ….
A. blue
B. white
C. brown

The child who loses hompimpa becomes ….
A. The guard
B. The police
C. The criminal

Langkang is one of traditional … from Betawi.
A. games
B. art and craft
C. ornaments

Soto Betawi is a traditional food from ….
A. Medan
B. Jakarta
C. Semarang

I like ….

A. Doger Ice

B. Bir Pletok

C. Cendol Ice

What is the colour of the grapes?
A. Crimson
B. Yellow
C. Purple

“Make a rhyme” in Indonesian is ….
A. Menyanyikan lagu
B. Menari bersama-sama
C. Membaca sebuah puisi

Juki … Kolang-Kaling Iced.

A. like

B. likes

C. liked

Dampu Bulan is a traditional ….
A. song
B. game
C. dance

If the child can’t do the rhyme, he or she has to … the guard.
A. go
B. join
C. wait

What is the colour of the leaf?
A. Brown
B. Green
C. Black

Does Mumun like pizza?
A. Yes, She is
B. Yes, She do
C. Yes, She does

Dampu Bulan is from ….
A. Jakarta
B. Semarang
C. Surabaya

The picture shows ….

A. squat down

B. close eyes

C. raise your hands

“Gold” in Indonesian is ….
A. emas
B. perak
C. krimson

“Menyanyikan lagu” in English is ….
A. dance together
B. sing the song
C. listen to the song


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