Latihan Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4


Christians always go to church on……

A. Saturday

B. Sunday

C. Thursday

D. Friday

Rika : when were you born adi?

Adi : I was born on…….
A. Surabaya

B. December 15th,2010

C. Iam Ten yoeas old

D. Iam a student

There are …….. Months in a year

A. First

B. Twelve

C. Twelfth

D. Seventh

There are…… Hours in a day

A. Seven

B. Twenty four

C. Twelve

D. Twenty

The first say to know someone is……..

A. What is your name?

B. Nice to meet you

C. Good bye

D. See you next time

Say……. To leave someone

A. Hello

B. Hi

C. Good bye

D. How are you

Kevin : ……. Are you?

Rosi : I am fine
A. How

B. What

C. When

D. Why

…….. Is the first month

A. December

B. September

C. February

D. January

Jono is Javanese. He is from…..

A. Batak

B. Bugis

C. Bali

D. Surabaya

Soekarno proclamated independence day on August 17th,…….

A. 1955

B. 1954

C. 1945

D. 1944

You can see the sunset of west, so you said…..

A. Good day

B. Good evening

C. Good morning

D. Good afternoon

Before going to bed, we say….

A. Good evening

B. Good night

C. Good luck

D. Good bye

We spend our weekend on…….

A. Wednesday

B. Monday

C. Sunday

D. Tuesday

One fourth is…….

a. 1/4

b. 1/5

c. 1/6

d. 1/7

The last month is……

A. December

B. January

C. February

D. July

Aris : thank you for your pencil

Ara : ………..
A. Hello

B. I don’t know

C. Good day

D. You are welcome

Moslems have Friday praying on…….

A. Saturday

B. Sunday

C. Thursday

D. Friday

Yayan : …… Of your English test!

Eki : thank you!
A. Good luck

B. Good morning

C. Good day

D. Good bye

Hi everyone, i have new house. My….. is at Bougenville street no.10, watu pasang

A. Address

B. School

C. House

D. Hotel

Three halves is….

a. 3/5

b. 3/4

c. 3/3

d. 3/2


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