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Bab 3 & 4 - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8


Latihan 20 soal pilihan ganda Bab 3 & 4 - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 dan kunci jawaban.

I am sorry. He is sick. He ____________ play basketball with you. 
A. can
B. can’t
C. should
D. must


Below are some expressions of giving instructions, except

A. do your homework

B. open the door

C. you’re still young

D. sweep the floor


We __________ stop when traffic light is red. 
A. must
B. mustn’t
C. should
D. can


Which answer below that shows “Giving Permission”?

A. Yes, please

B. I think you shouldn’t do it.

C. No, I think it’s impossible.

D. No, Please don’t.


Yusuf : ………. from the fire, Jihan. It will burn you

Jihan : Alright
A. stay away

B. get closer

C. touch

D. find


you ….. smoke. It’s bad for you

A. must

B. have to

C. should not

D. had to


He is a smart boy. He should …. a doctor

A. make

B. be

C. go to

D. eat


You ……………….. wear a helmet when you ride your bike. It’s the law.

A. should

B. must

C. have to

D. can not


Which of the following questions is correct

A. I should call him?

B. Should I call him?

C. Call him should I?

D. Do I should call him?


You have to __________________.

A. cook dinner

B. clean the house

C. wash the floor

D. go to bed


“I’m wait for your immediate reply” the underline word has similar meaning with…

A. Fast

B. Late

C. Previous

D. Weird


I am sorry. I _________ take you to school today. 
A. can
B. can’t 
C. must
D. mustn’t


which of the following sentence is CORRECT?

A. we must not to make any noise; my grandmother is sleeping

B. we must not make any noise; my grandmother is sleeping

C. we don’t must make any noise; my grandmother is sleeping

D. we must not any noise; my grandmother is sleeping


You should sleep…

A. Late

B. Early

C. Every time

D. In the morning


What ________________ I do? I need your advice.

A. must

B. should

C. have to

D. do


Aminah : ……………….. Nyoman, the floor is wet.

Nyoman : I will. Thanks

Aminah : No problem

A. be nice

B. be careful

C. take a walk

D. get closer


Siska : Can you come to my birthday party this evening?

Raka : This evening? … … . I have to take care of my little sister.

Siska : Oh, that’s okay. Don’t worry about it.

Raka : I’m really sorry.

A. I’m afraid I can’t

B. Of course

C. Yes, I can

D. Count me in


which one from the choices bellow is the expression of asking permission

A. let’s buy something

B. what should I do?

C. May I go to restroom, please?

D. what do you think about me?


You …. to phone if you are going to be late

A. must not

B. should

C. have

D. must


You ____________ (drink) so much coffee; it’s bad for your blood pressure.

A. shouldn´t drink

B. shouldn´t

C. should drink

D. Should I