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Latihan Soal Bab 3 & 4 - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8


What ________________ I do? I need your advice.

A. must

B. should

C. have to

D. do

He is a smart boy. He should …. a doctor

A. make

B. be

C. go to

D. eat

You have to __________________.

A. cook dinner

B. clean the house

C. wash the floor

D. go to bed

Yusuf : ………. from the fire, Jihan. It will burn you

Jihan : Alright
A. stay away

B. get closer

C. touch

D. find

You ……………….. wear a helmet when you ride your bike. It’s the law.

A. should

B. must

C. have to

D. can not

You ____________ (drink) so much coffee; it’s bad for your blood pressure.

A. shouldn´t drink

B. shouldn´t

C. should drink

D. Should I

Which of the following questions is correct

A. I should call him?

B. Should I call him?

C. Call him should I?

D. Do I should call him?

which of the following sentence is CORRECT?

A. we must not to make any noise; my grandmother is sleeping

B. we must not make any noise; my grandmother is sleeping

C. we don’t must make any noise; my grandmother is sleeping

D. we must not any noise; my grandmother is sleeping

You should sleep…

A. Late

B. Early

C. Every time

D. In the morning

which one from the choices bellow is the expression of asking permission

A. let’s buy something

B. what should I do?

C. May I go to restroom, please?

D. what do you think about me?


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