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Latihan Soal Bab 3 & 4 - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8


He is a smart boy. He should …. a doctor

A. make

B. be

C. go to

D. eat

What ________________ I do? I need your advice.

A. must

B. should

C. have to

D. do

We __________ stop when traffic light is red. 
A. must
B. mustn’t
C. should
D. can

Which of the following questions is correct

A. I should call him?

B. Should I call him?

C. Call him should I?

D. Do I should call him?

You …. to phone if you are going to be late

A. must not

B. should

C. have

D. must

Aminah : ……………….. Nyoman, the floor is wet.

Nyoman : I will. Thanks

Aminah : No problem

A. be nice

B. be careful

C. take a walk

D. get closer

I am sorry. He is sick. He ____________ play basketball with you. 
A. can
B. can’t
C. should
D. must

Which answer below that shows “Giving Permission”?

A. Yes, please

B. I think you shouldn’t do it.

C. No, I think it’s impossible.

D. No, Please don’t.

Yusuf : ………. from the fire, Jihan. It will burn you

Jihan : Alright
A. stay away

B. get closer

C. touch

D. find

You ____________ (drink) so much coffee; it’s bad for your blood pressure.

A. shouldn´t drink

B. shouldn´t

C. should drink

D. Should I


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