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Latihan Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12


Where was the location in the picture?
A.     Central Park
B.     Garden
C.     Floristry
D.     Central Kiev
E.     Reuter

How old is the writer?
A.     22 years old
B.     23 years old
C.     24 years old
D.     25 years old
E.     26 six years old

Where did the writer study?
A.     At State Polytechinc of Surabaya
B.     At Private University of Malang
C.     At State Polytechnic of Malang
D.     At University of Malang
E.     At Malang University

“Have you been informed about the exact number of victims of the airplane crash?”

“Yes, ……. to the headquarters of Garuda.”
A. they are faxed

B. has faxed

C. the victims fax

D. it has been faxed

E. was fax it

Where does the writer live?
A.     Surabaya
B.     Salatiga
C.     Bandung
D.     Semarang
E.     Jakarta

Andy: I heard there will be a concert tonight. Would you like to go with me?

Sam: I’m afraid I cannot.

Andy: Why? I think you really love the band.

Sam: Yes, I do. But I have many works at home.

Andy: Let me help you, then.

Sam: ___________

Andy: Never mind. That’s what friend should do.

What should Sam say?

A. I really appreciate your help

B. I don’t need your help

C. I am fine, thank you

D. I will go too

E. Don’t worry

What newspaper did the company put the aevertisement?
A.     Solopos
B.     Jawa Pos
C.     Suara Merdeka
D.     Jakarta Pos
E.     Republika

Bob: Sony, will you join me to build a birdhouse?

Sony: Sure, _______. I am really excited.

Complete the dialogue above with right expression!

A. I don’t want to

B. I am busy today

C. I will

D. I will not

E. I have to go

What does “Bloomed” mean?
A.     Blossom
B.     Wither
C.     Wilt
D.     Droop
E.     Decay

“There was no longer a rule for the youth to enter millitary service in Britain.

Really, when …. ?”
A. was it abolishing

B. did it abolish

C. was it abolished

D. was it to be abolished

E. to be abolished


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