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Latihan Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 11


I can help if you need..

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

My brother … his car this afternoon

if he … enough time

A. will wash — has

B. wash — will have

James … some books if he … to the library.

A. will borrow — goes

B. borrows — will go

If I … more money, I … a bank machine.

A. need — will find

B. will need — find

I think you should join an English course.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

We … a movie tonight if we … bored

A. watch — will feel

B. will watch — feel

Shall I bring your jacket ?

A. Offer

B. Suggestion

You should go shopping with me by my car.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

We can practice together after school.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

You should speak to our teacher about this matter.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer


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