Latihan Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 11


You should go shopping with me by my car.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

I can do that for you If you don’t mind.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

If our class … early, I … home and study

A. finishes — will go

B. will finish — go

You can borrow my book if you want.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

The children … warm clothes tomorrow if it … cold.

A. wear — will be

B. will wear — is

If you … some eggs, I … some coffee

A. will cook — make

B. cook — will make

James … some books if he … to the library.

A. will borrow — goes

B. borrows — will go

Shall I bring your jacket ?

A. Offer

B. Suggestion

I think you should join an English course.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

My brother … his car this afternoon

if he … enough time

A. will wash — has

B. wash — will have

If I … more money, I … a bank machine.

A. need — will find

B. will need — find

We can practice together after school.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

If Wisang and Firzan … my help later, I … them

A. will need — help

B. need — will help

Sarah … a doctor if she still … sick tomorrow

A. sees — will feel

B. will see — feels

You should speak to our teacher about this matter.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

You can wear my jacket. I don’t need it now.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

If we … hungry later, we … some pizzas.

A. are — will order

B. will be — order

I can help if you need..

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

We … a movie tonight if we … bored

A. watch — will feel

B. will watch — feel


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