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PTS 1 Ganjil - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9

Latihan 45 soal pilihan ganda PTS 1 Ganjil - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 dan kunci jawaban.

Preview 10 soal pertama:

Bisher meets Wisnu on his way home from school

Bisher : hi wisnu , is it right that you ‘ll take part in a big show ?

Wisnu : that’s right

bisher : I ….. you’ll be succesful

wisnu : thanks

A. wish

B. hope

C. mind

D. know


Shally : is mother coming home today ?

Ioz : I expect she’ll come back soon.

the underline expresses ….

A. A hope

B. information

C. an opinion

D. an inquiry of information


Rafi : well , ahmad , you have certainly hurt her with your joke

Ahmad : that is not true . I know she isn’t angry

from the underlined words , we can conclude that ……

A. Rafi agreed with Ahmad’s joke

B. Ahmad disagreed with Rafi

C. Ahmad agreed with Rafi’s opinion

D. Rafi warned Ahmad not to hurt her


Tom : So, how long has it been since the first competition of your football team?

Jack : It’s been 3 months since then.

Tom : So, how many awards have been saved this far?

Jack : Thank God. Many people seem to be very happy.

Tom : Splendid! ….

Jack : Thank you very much, Mr. Tom. It’s very kind of you to say so.

Tom : Keep the good work, Jack. I am sure you could be a better captain in a football team someday.

The best expression to complete the dialogue above is.…

A. I very agree on your idea

B. I’d like to congratulate you on the success of your team recently

C. We are so happy

D. Please give us your opinion


Jisoo : it would be nice if we had lunch here , the scenery is very beautiful

Lisa : ………. let’s have our lunch , now

A. hopelly

B. I agree

C. I intend

D. disagree


Cinta : I think everybody should have a TV in their house

Laura : …… TV makes people lazy

A. I absolutely agree

B. I disagree

C. you’re right

D. that quite right


Aldi :……

Bejo : I think your intention to build a free amusement park is rather impossible

A. my intention is to open a reading park here

B. my intention is to open an amusement park

C. my intention is to open a free amusement park for everyone

D. my intention is to open a green park here


Raisa : I will join the beauty contest this month

Hamish : ……….. You will be the winner

A. hopefully

B. in my opinion

C. well done

D. I must wish


do exercise regularly …… have excelent health

A. in order not to

B. in order to

C. because

D. so that


Jeny : …………

jasson : founding free school for poor people is really a lofty deed

A. I have every intention to help the poor

B. I have a plan to found a free school for poor people

C. it is my intention to open a public library

D. my intention is to run a charity event