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Latihan soal pilihan ganda Kuis Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 dan kunci jawaban.

It … a cute animal

A. is

B. am

C. are

D. was


is – Mr. Ahmad – a – dentist

The correct order is ….

A. Dentist is a Mr. Ahmad

B. Mr. Ahmad a dentist is

C. Mr. Ahmad is a dentist

D. Is Mr. Ahmad a dentist


My sister and My brother . . . interested in reading novel.

A. were

B. is

C. am

D. are


Our neighbor has a . . . garden

A. fat

B. large

C. long

D. noisy


His bedroom always neat and clean
The indonesian sentence is ….

A. Kamarnya selalu rapi dan indah

B. Kamarnya selalu rapi dan bersih

C. Kamarnya selalu indah dan bersih

D. Kamarnya selalu kotor dan berantakan


James has a dog. James takes … for a walk everyday

a. It

b. Him

c. Them

d. Its


Mrs. Ani buys fruits in the ….

A. Hospital

B. Fruit stail

C. Cashier

D. Newspaper stand


My aunt has a son. His name is Romi. Romi is my….

A. Nephew

B. Niece

C. Cousin

D. Brother


His bedroom is messy

The indonesian sentence is ….

A. Kamarnya berantakan

B. Kamarnya sejuk

C. Kamarnya rapi

D. Kamarnya berantakan


Jaya : “Is he a lazy boy?”

Rini : “No, is not.”

Jaya : “What does he look like?”

Rini : “ …..”

A. He is a handsome boy

B. He is a rich boy

C. He is a poor boy

D. He is a diligent boy


Ninety eight thousand rupiahs

The Indonesian sentence is ….

A. Sembilan ribu lima ratus rupiah

B. Sembilan puluh ribu lima ratus rupiah

C. Sembilan puluh lima ribu rupiah

D. Sembilan lima ribu rupiah


Rainy season in Indonesian is ….

A. Musim panas

B. Musim kemarau

C. Musim semi

D. Musim hujan


My brother is in grade 7 now. He is…

A. a student of Junior high school

B. a student of Senior high school

C. a student of Elementary school

D. a student of kindergarten


Edo : Do you know Mr. Tio Wijaya?

Siti : Yes, I do

Dayu : . . . .

Siti : He is tall. His face is round. He has pointed nose and brown eyes

A. What is it like?

B. what is she like?

C. What does she look like?

D. What does he look like?


it is a quarter to five

The time in numbers is ….

a. 05.15

b. 04.45

c. 04.15

d. 06.45


My Father is . . . person. He always love his children…

A. Kind

B. Cheerless

C. Arrogant

D. Fierce


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